Lane Peak and Plummer Peak in the Tatoosh April 2013

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Lane Peak and Plummer Peak in the Tatoosh April 2013
Created On: May 9, 2013
Last Edited On: May 9, 2013

Climb of Lane and Plummer Peaks

So for the last weekend of April Saturday's weather wasn't looking too bad so we decided to head down to the Tatoosh to try and climb something and since I had never been before I thought it would be fun to go someplace new. Since there is still lots and lots of snow around Mount Rainier the Stevens Canyon road was still not open and we all met at the Narada Falls trailhead where I was surprised at how much snow was around. We agreed to make a day by first by climbing Lane Peak. I started drooling at first glance of the north face couloirs like the Zipper and the Fly but unfortunately our group wasn't prepared to tackle steeper snow. The ascent of Lane Peak went smoothly and we started by walking up a couple hundred feet to meet the Stevens Canyon road. We walked down this road to the south a short ways then descended to the valley below. The snow climb across the valley and up to the Lane/Denman saddle was good and firm and once at the saddle, the south side route on Lane Peak was simple, although the now got very soft and we were post-holing to our waist at times! We actually had great viws of Mt. Adams and the surrounding Tatoosh with some sunbreaks but that would soon change. Once we got everyone off the summit, we started traversing to Denman Peak, an unranked bump on the ridge east of Lane Peak. By the time we reached this summit it started snowing and the wind picked up. Shortly later as we descended to the next saddle the winds really started and we were now in a whiteout. We pressed on to also summit Plummer Peak to which we couldn't see a thing and it was getting cold. We managed to quickly get down to the Plummer/Pinnacle saddle and glissade down all the way back to the valley bottom and hike back to the Stevens Canyon Road. As we descended the snow turned into rain and the final hike out was very, very wet.


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Lane Peak and Plummer Peak in the Tatoosh April 2013

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