Little Doubtful Canyon

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Little Doubtful Canyon
Created On: Oct 15, 2007
Last Edited On: Oct 15, 2007

Route Description

There is private property past the gate. However, there is also a sign indicating a wilderness area right next to where you will park. If you don’t want to trespass, start walking north along the fence line, then head west when the fence turns west. If you want to walk on the road, cross through the gate, and turn right immediately. The road heads up Little Doubtful Canyon. The road heads north for about a mile, then curves toward the west and follows a streambed. The road ends at some buildings, but you don’t need to walk that far. Leave the road at this approximate location. You will immediately have to cross a fence. I believe this is the boundary between the private property and the wilderness area. You want to start heading for this prominent drainage. You will have to cross another fence a few minutes after leaving the road. I’m not sure what this fence signifies.

Start climbing up the drainage. You will see some cliffs above you. You will have to find a gap through the cliffs. There are several possibilities, but a saw a prominent gap above and to the left. Once I got to the top of this gap, I saw a cairn, so others had also been through this gap. Either way, climb up through the cliffs. Once above the cliffs, the terrain moderates somewhat. However, there is another cliff band just below the summit. This cliff band is smaller, but you’ll still have to find a gap though it. However, I didn’t have any trouble finding one. The one I found was a few hundred feet to the west, but there appears to be several possibilities. Once above the cliff band, make the final push up to this seldom-climbed summit, where you can enjoy the desert views.

Little Doubtful Canyon

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