M. Pramaggiore from Forni di Sopra

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Italy, Europe
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Hiking, Scrambling
Summer, Fall
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Most of a day
On top some UIAA climbing
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Class 3

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M. Pramaggiore from Forni di Sopra
Created On: Aug 30, 2006
Last Edited On: Apr 16, 2018

Rating The Tour (By Hiking Standards)

0. General. From 885m to 2479m, exposition N and NE. Comfortable marked paths to Passo di Sola, then a steep ravine with ferrata, from the Pramaggiore notch to the summit easy climb (loose slabs, covered with scree require a lot of attention), UIAA I. Marked to the top.

1. Effort. 1600m, 5h.

2. Power. 3 - medium (some pulling up while climbing UIAA I)

3. Psyche. 3 - medium (not very exposed, but a mistake likely fatal)

4. Orientation. 2 - easy (only on summit ascent searching for best passages)

The grading system for hiking and scrambling routes is here.

Getting There

Val di SuolaVal di Suola and Forni di Sopra
See the main page how to get to Forni di Sopra (reachable by car).

Route Description

Forcella la SidonForcella la Sidon
(I didn't do the lower part, till Rif. Flabian-Pacherini)

From the parking place, 885m, you go through Val di Suola to Rif. Flabian-Pacherini, 1587m. First there's a road (closed for public traffic), then a good, comfortable marked path (No. 362). Through Val di Suola you do a considerable distance. From the hut you continue further towards the South (path No. 363) on Passo di Suola, 1994m. From the saddle a path goes down towards the East on Rua Bassa, but we continue towards the South, where above the saddle we need to decide. Directly a medium hard ferrata (No. 363a) goes up on Forcella la Sidon and further to Forcella Pramaggiore, 2295m. This is harder than a detour, but the most direct route. And if you wish on top of Monte Pramaggiore, the ferrata should not be a problem, as the final part is more tricky.

Towards the left (SE) goes the second, easier option (No. 363). A mostly good path, deteriorated only on a few exposed places, crosses first a rocky face by a narrow ledge, then a steep scree slope, until it reaches Forcella Rua Alta, 2144m. There the view opens over steep grassy slopes towards the south. Now the detour continues. The path is still narrow, crosses first grassy slopes, then turns more directly upwards and reaches Forcella Pramaggiore.

M. Pramaggiore from the NEThe summit from the NE
From Forcella Pramaggiore you first follow a short ridge, but when it reaches the summit slopes, the path (still barely seen) turns a bit into the NE slope, away from the main NE ridge. Over slabs, crunchy steep terrain and some easy rocks you do some crossing and also a few turns up (you can follow marks), then you climb a few meters of more solid slabs and continue again towards the left by a similar unpleasant terrain. After some 20 meters marks direct you more directly upwards, the terrain is still loose and steep and you hardly wait to reach the main ridge. There some easy climbing (UIAA I) is needed to overcome rocky steps, but at least you can hold at something. The summit ridge soon brings you to the top.

To return to Forni di Sopra you'll likely take the same route. The descent over Rua Bassa brings you lower in the valley of Tagliamento.

M. Pramaggiore from Forni di Sopra

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