Maurilius H. Mayr Weg

Maurilius H. Mayr Weg

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Location Lat/Lon: 47.01885°N / 13.52318°E
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Additional Information Route Type: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: T5 by Swiss Hiking Scale
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On Wandspitze - Reitereck
On Wandspitze

The crossing of summits around Faschaun valley is the most beautiful hiking tour in the area. The part of crossing Wandspitze and Poising is called Maurilius H. Mayr, to which we best add the preceeding ascent on Reitereck. Those who are used of visiting the rounded summits around Faschaun valley in times of tour skiing, will be surprised that on these a bit higher ridges one can also find more challenging details for a usual hiker.

General Information

Reitereck map
Reitereck map

Difficulty: It's a hiking tour, with a few places protected by steel cables and hooks (these short ferrata sections are of difficulty B/C) and by a few climbing passages up to UIAA II-, which are not protected at all. On the Swiss Hiking Scale the overall difficulty is graded T5.

Orientation: The route is well marked, it goes by the very ridge anyway. So, orientation is all the time easy. See also the GPX track in the header!

Exposition: Some places are exposed and so not appropriate for people suffering from vertigo. Where grassy slopes are more exposed, additional care is needed. Still, the path there is beaten enough, even if it is weak. Otherwise the rock sections are west and even north oriented, while the grassy sections are south and east oriented - important if you face snow on the route.

Objective dangers: There are virtually none. The rock is very solid and good for climbing.

Best season: Summer months, normally from July till October (or first snow).

Gear: Good shoes and poles are sufficient for an experienced hiker. For less experienced a short rope is welcomed.

Tour start: Maltaberg, 1604 m. Free parking place. See the parent page of Wandspitze how to get there.

Highest point: 2623 m.

Altitude to overcome: cca 1100 m (1400 m with Reitereck summit added).

Time for round tour: 7 hours (with Reitereck), 5 h 30 min to 6 h for Wandspitze crossing only.

You can see a detailed map on:

Route Description

Poisnig above Faschaun meadow
In der Faschaun

Maltaberg - Ochsenhuette

From the parking place we go by a cart road almost horizontally into the Faschaun valley. The marked paths 542 and 554 also go by the road. We cross the creek, pass the crossroads (left path goes on Faschaunereck) and finally reach to Ochsenhuette, 2195 m, where the road ends.

Ochsenhuette - Reitereck

From Ochsenhütte we continue northwards over the flat valley end, carefully following marks. The path brings us just below the first rocks of Wandspitze, where it turns left. On the left we clearly see Lasoernscharte, and the plates, shining on the saddle. Left of the saddle is Reitereck, on which we also see a big cross. So, the path first crosses grassy slopes to the left, when reaching below Lasoernscharte, it starts ascending in many turns directly up. We gain the main ridge on some 2500 m of altitude. If we want to include in the tour also Reitereck (very recommendable, it's the highest summit around) we turn on the saddle left and do the last part of the ascent. It's 300 more meters, the path goes mostly by the ridge or close to it. It is all the time easy. 3 h 30 min from Maltaberg.

Lasoernscharte - Wandspitze

On Maurilius H. Mayr route
The first ridge step
On Maurilius H. Mayr route
Short vertical section

The real Maurilius H. Mayr route goes from Lasoernscharte towards the east. So, you return from Reitereck to the saddle and continue by the ridge, by the path 554. Shortly it follows the ridge, then it crosses the steep southern slopes and again reaches the grassy main ridge. There is another crossroads. A marked path descends towards the SE, in the valley end, and then crosses the W slopes of Poisnig on Torscharte. Maurilius H. Mayr route goes further by the very ridge. Soon we reach a rocky step. Between the side rock tower and the main ridge rocks we must climb up some 6 meters. The step is completely vertical, even a bit overhang, but there are good metal hooks in the rock. For smaller people or children it is only a bit difficult to reach the first hook. On ferrata scale, this passage would be rated C.

On the W ridge of Wandspitze
Towards the ridge tower

Then we continue a bit exposed and reach another flat ridge part. In front of us is a sharp horn and first we expect that marks will avoid it. But they go by the ridge directly up on the tower. The first 2 meters are easy, but when we already have some exposure, a non-secured climbing passage follows. There we need to pull up, rise on a narrow ledge and move right, where the rocks are easier. Then we climb easily another few meters, almost to the top of tower. The whole climbing section is some 10 meters and is rated UIAA II-.

On Wandspitze W ridge
The last ridge part

The continuation goes by a narrow, rocky ridge. Passages are a bit exposed and not protected, but it's just an easy climbing, including a few short ups and downs. So we approach the last rocky barrier. We again observe the right slopes, which look easier, but reaching the steep and sharp rocky ridge we again notice a steel cable on the shady northern side. It goes directly up the tower. This ferrata section is a bit longer but again not more than 10-12 meters. It's difficulty is B. Overcoming this last rocky ridge, we are really almost on top. But to the big cross we still need to go by a tiny path right below the summit rocks and then from the SE side on top.

Wandspitze - Poisnig

Wandspitze from Poisnig
Wandspitze SE ridge

The descent towards the E is at the beginning still steep and exposed. We avoid the first rocks by steep SW slopes, where the path is narrow, so we descend carefully. Then the narrow path crosses the steep slopes and finally crosses the rocky barrier on the grassy main ridge. There, all difficulties are over. We comfortably descend till below the saddle before Poisnig. The path again avoids the first ridge rocks, then we have only a few more minutes up on the summit of Poisnig.

Poisnig - Maltaberg

Descending from Poisnig
Poising S ridge

The continuation of the tour is only a long, panoramic hike. We descend by the quite flat and nice southern ridge. When just above Torscharte, 2106 m, marks are leading us right, but it is recommendable to go left, directly on the saddle, and from there cross on the same altitude towards the S. The marked path goes right below us and then, when reaching the cart road, ascends by it again. So, we cross the whole W slope of Stubeck, reach the huts of Gmeinalm, 2038 m, and soon after it reach the crossroads, where we need to deter from the road right down. It's still 400 m of descent. The path soon enters nice larch woods and by shepherds path we descend towards the SW directly on Maltaberg.



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