Mesa Verde, Colorado in April 2004

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Mesa Verde, Colorado in April 2004
Created On: Aug 1, 2007
Last Edited On: Aug 1, 2007

The Home of the Ancient Cliff Dwellers

During our trip through the western United States in April 2004 did we stop at the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

Mesa Verde is the location where ancient pueblo Indians, called the Anasazi built their homes right into the cliffs of the canyons in that are.

The impressive and advanced structures were constructed by the ancient Indian tribes over 800 years ago, when the American continent was not yet "discovered" and Europe was in the middle of the Dark Ages.

Who said that that the native Indians of the northern american continent do not have a rich cultural and architectural history like the "civilized" nations from the old countries? Visit Mesa Verde yourself and get proven wrong.

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Mesa Verde, Colorado in April 2004

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