Mexican Turkey Chili

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Created On: Mar 9, 2010
Last Edited On: Mar 9, 2010
Here is a recipe for some excellent chili. I think I do a bang up job with my own recipe but I stole this one from a friends wife and this is good stuff! The recipe calls for turkey burger but you can choose the meat of your liking. I normally would always choose beef but the turkey is very good and I guess if your one that always look for the healthier alternative, well turkey is the right call.

Ok, brown the turkey burger along with some chopped onions, drain any fat that may be in the pan, should be minimal.

Either pre-soak kidney beans the night prior then simmer for a couple of hours and drain. Or use canned beans, simmering them is not needed.

Take white and/or yellow corn (frozen) and combine the beans, turkey, cherry or diced tomatoes and a medium size can (15oz.) of tomato paste. Also add a package of dry taco seasoning (yes taco) and a package of dry ranch dressing.

Using a food saver (sucks the air out of the bag and seals meal), seal the chili in a bag. Smaller portioned bags can be used instead of a larger bag. Easier to ration your meals using smaller portioned bags. This will provide very nice, light weight and compact packages for your pack. Water is not needed as local water can be used as you will bring the water to a boil (all bacteria is killed when temps reach 140 degrees) using your propane camp stove. Once water has boiled for about 10 mintues, add chili and simmer for about an hour.

This is a very gourmet meal, made easy for your next camp. Enjoy!

Mexican Turkey Chili

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