Mondspitze, Schillerkopf and Loischkopf from Tschengla Alm

Mondspitze, Schillerkopf and Loischkopf from Tschengla Alm

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Location Lat/Lon: 47.14253°N / 9.72113°E
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Additional Information Route Type: Hiking, Via Ferrata
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Time Required: A long day
Additional Information Difficulty: Hike and Scramble
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On the Kessiloch RidgeOn the Kessiloch Ridge

From the meadows of Tschengla-Alpe three summits stand out, which can be climbed in a scenic round loop. Most spectacular is the central one, Schillerkopf. It is made up from limestone, which formed vertical summit towers. The northern mountain, Mondspitze, consists of two knif-edge ridges, which are covered by dwarf pines. The southernmost summit, Loischkopf, is a round topped mountain, which hosts several of the Bürserberg ski runs as well as a lift, whhich runs nearly to its summit.

The round loop starts on the dirt roads of Tschengla- and Rona-Alpe, turns into a steep hike towards Schillersattel, the notch, which separated Schillerkopf and Mondpitze. An exposed traverse leads to Mondspitze, the first of the summitps. Back in Schillersattel a half circle leads across another knife-edge ridge around the doline of Kessiloch before an incredibly steep section leads to the ledges near Schillerkopf. A protected section leads to the summit. Another steep section leads back to the meadows at the base of the mountains and dirt roads lead to Kampera-Alm. From here a narrow ski run leads to the summit plateau of Loischkopf. You return to Tschengla by another dirt road, which crosses the main ski runs of the area.

Getting There

Summit Panorama LoischkopfThe Bludenz Basin seen from Loischkopf

The trailhead is at Tschengla Alm, which is located above the village Bürserberg, itself at the mouth of Brandnertal Valley. There are several parking lots, use the one at Rona-Alpe at the end of the road if there is still some space left. Otherwise you'll have to go back to the previous one, extending the loop by a hike along a paved road.

Route Description

Schesaplana GroupThe Schesaplana Group seen from Parpfienzsattel

  • General:
    • Start altitude: 1150m
    • Summit altitude: 1967m, 2006m, 1809m
    • Prevailing exposure: all directions
    • Type: Hike and scramble
    • Protection: Chains on the ledges near the Schillekopf summit

  • Effort: 3 - Elevation gain: 1300m
  • Power: 3 - Strenuous
  • Psyche: 2 - Moderate exposure on Mondspitze and around Kessiloch
  • Difficulty: 2 - Easy
  • Orientation: 1 - Marked paths

Gottvaterspitze (2438m), Zimba (2643m), Brandner Mittagspitze (2557m)

From the parking lot at Rona-Alpe head westwards, following the signs to Schillerkopf and Mondspitze. After crossing several other trails you head onto Alte-Statt-Weg, one of the main routes connecting the farms and pastures. After several hundred metres you reach an intersection. Leave Alte-Statt-Weg for Schillerweg, a path which cuts through a clearing before heading up the slopes to Schillersattel. Crossing Furkla-Höhenweg, another of the main routes of the area, the path turns steeper, switching back and forth across the Schillerkopf north-east face. The steepest section is right beneath Schillersattel, though you can avoid it by heading for the Mondspitze south-west ridge directly instead.
The Mondspitze south-west ridge
Schesaplana Group

Here the path mostly avoids the pine covered exposed crest and instead negotiates the right hand side of the ridge. It joins the ridge in several sadddles but in general remains to the right. After several ups and downs you reach the summit of Mondspitze, easternmost summit of the Fundlkopf Ridge.
GamperdonatalGamperdonatal seen from Schillersattel

You return along the crest to Schillersattel, where the next section takes you steeply up for about 100m before starting the loop around Kessiloch. This is a crater-like hole in the west face of Schillerkopf, created by the collapse of a cave system underneath. You follow the narrow ridge around the hole but soon the path drops away to the outside.

Passing the lowest spot at the mouth of Kessiloch the path soon turns into a steep scramble up the Schillerkopf east face. Occasionally there is a spot where you can look into the doline bust mostly you strugle through the omnipresent dwarf pines. Finally you reach a ledge, which heads around the Schillerkopf western tower, leading into a notch wher it is joined by Tälisteig (descent route). In the notch the short protected section starts, which leads to the base of the summit tower. A narrow ridge traverse leads to the top.
On the Schillerkopf ledges
Protected ledge beneath Schillerkopf
Last steps to the summit tower
In the notch

Return to the notch where you take the left hand trail, Tälisteig, which negotiates a steep chute, switching sides several times. The path is extremely steep, there is lots of scree and no protection. I consider this the most dangerous part of the route. Finally the chute runs out onto a grassy slope (still steep) and the path follows a bend, finally leading to Furkla-Höhenweg.
Descent along the scree fields in the south of Schillerkopf
Schillerkopf summit
On lower Tälisteig

Follow the broad dirt road to Parpfienz Sattel and onwards to Äußere Parpfienz-Alm. At the farm turn sharply left onto the road to Klampera-Alm, which you reach after 15 minutes. Head towards a cross in a saddle, where yoou join one of the Loischkopf Ski Runs.
Bludenz and Lechquellengebirge

Turn left onto the run and follow it through the pine and fir forest, which covers most of Loischkopf. After a steep section you reach an intersection (descent route to the left) but remain on the ski run, which quickly takes you to the ski-lift on Loischkopf's upper north-eastern shoulder. At the lift turn right and head across the summit meadows to the top.
Zimba GroupZimba Group

Return to the ski-lift and follow the ski run to the aforementioned intersection. Here another dirt road starts, which heads all the way dorn to Tschengla-Alm. It cuts back and forth across the Loischkopf ski-runs but finally hits the road somewhere between the different parking lots.

Essential Gear

Hiking gear is sufficient.



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