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JDrake - May 22, 2008 8:30 pm Date Climbed: May 22, 2008


Had to turn around about 100 vertical feet before the summit. Just too much water on the scramble portion for me: slush was melting, water was running down the rocks in little rivers and visibility was low with the snow falling. It all added up to more than my ability level. Also, this was my first time on Olympus; possibly my route wasn't the best? Decent amount of snow still at the saddle, plus yesterday's precip and today's storm made it a fun but very wet time up there. Mostly slid all the way down from the scramble to the stream crossing... I'll be back to finish the last few feet--in either July or January when it's a little easier footing.

mtn runr

mtn runr - May 22, 2008 9:10 am Date Climbed: May 20, 2008

West Couloir  Sucess!

I left the trail at the stream crossing and bushwhacked up drainage to the base of the couloir. This would have been more fun with more snow, but it was fun anyway. The climb up the north side of the south peak was iffy with verglas covering the rock. Put on my iPod and ran out the normal trail.


vanman798 - May 10, 2008 10:31 pm Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2015

West Slabs  Sucess!

August 2, 2015 I did the West Slabs solo. About an hour hike to the slabs, and an hour "climb" up the slabs. Made the mistake of walking down the drainage south of the slabs. Nightmare bush walk took 3 hours to get back to car. Only say one rattle snake but I'm sure I walked by more. Best to go up the slabs, over to the peak, and down the summer trail.
Sept 15, 2014 for Joseph Bullough's 500th ascent.
May 27, 2013 - Went up Geurts Ridge. Took 5 hours to reach the peak, and 100 minutes to descend via the regular trail.

June 16, 2012. Went up the West Slabs, across to the North Peak, and back up to the South Peak. 6.5 hours car to car.

Dec 9, 2011 - There is no snow yet in Utah, but we hiked up Oly anyways!

The Replacement -- I had set out May 10, 2008 to do the triple traverse (Dromedary, O'Sullivans (aka Sunrise), and Broad Fork Twin Peaks, but after reaching the peak of Dromedary I realized I wasn't going to make the other two without crampons (which I didn't have with me). Given, that I had allotted the day to climbing, but was driving out of Little Cottonwood Canyon at 10:30 am, I used the time to bag Mt. Olympus instead. I used the standard Mount Olympus Trail, which was mostly snow covered for the last mile or so.


PocketsOfBlue - Mar 27, 2008 3:29 pm Date Climbed: Jun 2, 2007

Winter and summer ascents  Sucess!

First hiked on June 2, 2007 with a few friends via the Mount Olympus Trail. The more interesting ascent was in March/08 (same route), I snowshoed up solo before strapping on the crampons to get up the 3rd class ramp below the summit and running into a massive snowstorm on the way back down. A bit tricky with one arm in a sling!


billyray66 - Feb 28, 2008 6:10 am Date Climbed: Jan 1, 2008

tons of snow  Sucess!

great hike, deep the whole way. after the saddle it got up towards my waist and we made it to the top. beautiful sights and awesome payoff at the top

Bruce Christensen

Bruce Christensen - Feb 18, 2008 7:16 pm Date Climbed: Feb 18, 2008

Beautiful day  Sucess!

Finally hiked this mountain. I did a solo hike starting around 7 a.m. and summitted 3 hours later. The trail was packed and icy in the morning. Brought snowshoes, but didn't use them. Brought my new crampons and did use them, but I could have made it fine without them. Ice ax stayed in the pack the whole time.

I started my descent a little before 11 a.m., and the trail was pretty slushy and slick on the way down.


jareds - Jan 27, 2008 12:34 am Date Climbed: Jan 26, 2008

climbed to the saddle

climbed up, beautiful sunny smogless day.

hiked up starting at 1pm, put crampons on about 1/3 the way up.

took 3 hours to get to the saddle, looked a little sketchy for me after that, so i stopped there.

saw 11 other people on the trail, the trail was well-travelled and most everyone else did NOT have crampons.

utclimber - Jan 13, 2008 11:29 pm

Fun slabbin'  Sucess!

Climbed via the West Slabs a few times and Geurts Ridge. A couple of times I traversed from the top of the slabs to the true summit, which requires some bushwhacking.


seanpeckham - Jan 3, 2008 12:02 pm Date Climbed: Jan 2, 2008

five times from Tolcat plus the north face  Sucess!

Once in each of autumn, winter, and spring, and twice in summer:
-twice in June, back in the '90s
-March 17, 2007
-January 2, 2008
-November 7, 2009
Also did the north summit via the north face trail, and went down the west ridge, July 13 2011.


Lubos - Dec 8, 2007 7:28 pm Date Climbed: Oct 18, 2007

fun workout  Sucess!

Any time at any conditions, a fun workout…..


Outdoorpartner - Nov 18, 2007 10:16 pm Date Climbed: Nov 17, 2007

November climb  Sucess!

Thanks to global warming, I was able to summit (with Skydiveblue) in November without a trace of snow -- even on the summit!


Skydiveblue - Nov 18, 2007 2:59 pm Date Climbed: Nov 17, 2007

Climbed in November, short sleeves!  Sucess!

3rd time climbed to the top. Made it to the top in just over 3 hours, great weather, no snow. Wore short sleeves in November! Nice views above the haze of the city. Great climb with views all the way up the mountain.


Beau - Nov 5, 2007 12:07 am Date Climbed: Aug 11, 2007

August Hike  Sucess!

Climbed Mt Olympus with a couple friends on a beautiful, but warm August day. Nice views of the city from the peak!


SundanceKid203 - Nov 3, 2007 2:01 pm Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2007

Stormy  Sucess!

We climbed under threatening clouds most of the morning but were only sprinkled on close to the summit. A great climb and a Wasatch classic.


tannerpuma15 - Aug 31, 2007 6:31 pm Date Climbed: Jul 4, 2005

tannerpuma15  Sucess!

West slabs is the only way to reach the summit, the trail has too much traffic and the face is all yours. Climbed many times since and every time is wonderful.


edevart - Aug 27, 2007 11:32 pm

Hot Summer Trail  Sucess!

Via Mt. Olympus Trail. Watch out for rattlers (and trail runners) they're equally as dangerous.


weeds19 - Aug 8, 2007 12:22 am Date Climbed: Jun 6, 2003

Area Classic Hike  Sucess!

I had a little extra time one afternoon and I'd been wanting to climb Olympus for quite a while. The trail was steep and the elevation went by quickly. A couple scrambling moves and there I stood on the summit with some great views of SLC and more importantly the Wasatch.


kris247 - Jul 4, 2007 3:30 pm Date Climbed: Jun 30, 2007

Mt. Olympus Trail

Hiked the main Mt. Olympus Trail with The Steve. We made it to the saddle, and started the scramble to the summit, but The Steve got stuck on a rock and refused to move. Trust me, it's tough to descend a rock fall carrying a 65 lb dog that doesn't want to be carried.


Moogie737 - Jun 24, 2007 12:06 pm Date Climbed: Mar 3, 2021

South Route  Sucess!

June, 2007. This was my 14th time at the summit, but this time it was just the beginning leg of the notorious Wildcat Ridge hike. Our group of 6 began just after 6 a.m. and took our summit photo 2.5 hours later. The entire Wildcat took us nearly 13 hours. Whew! Chalk up #15 on 10-30-07. Very small patches of snow below the saddle but otherwise dry. Nice on top. #16 on 11-15-07, this time to the diamond-shaped north summit boulder. Tricky route going up, but staying on the ridges wherever possible is a good watchword. #17 on 12-13-07 in 6-8 inches of powder and some ice above the saddle. #18 1-17-08 Cold, lots of snow, so much on top that there was zero scrambling. Thanks to Neo for leading the way! #19 1-29-08 Tons of snow, Dave led the way. #20 2-9-08 Still tons of snow, w/ Brooke. #21 4-12-08 Still tons of snow, crampons on scramble, thanks again to Knee Oh! #22 4/19/08 Snow? Yes. Ice? Yes. Fun? Yes. 2+20 up, 1+20 down. Strong south winds the whole time! #23 6-10-08 This was a memorial climb of sorts with a contemplative stop at a special place along the standard trail. The day before I had encountered a bull snake not far from the TH. I will post a picture of it. Yes, reptiles are there! #24 2-17-09 2+43 up with treacherous loose snow on top of old ice for the scramble. Made it, though. Safely. Much wind and no visibility on top with snow falling. #25 3-21-09 w/ Brent. Remaining snow was icy, rocks on scramble quite wet with running water. 2+10 up 4-2-09 #26 w/ Zeejay. Nearly 5 hours to the top in deep fresh snow. Literally swimming from the saddle to the top. In April? Yes! #27 4-16-09 Two feet of fresh snow meant 3+48 to the top w/ trailbreaking 100% of the way. Amazing for this late in the year. #28 5-14-09 solo #29 5-23-09 Solo - good time (1+42:30). #30 6-4-09 Solo. Personal best time of 1+34:30 to the top. #31 8-19-09 1+48 up. #32 9-29-09 W/ Dave & Christine to the north summit in strong winds. #33 10-1-09 Solo. Worked my way through and over 6" of snow (first storm of the season) to reach the crisp cool air on the summit. #34 10-19-09 1+53 up, solo; the day before a forecast storm. Nice. #35 to the north summit via the West Slabs. First time up those hairy little buggers. :) #36 10-29-09 W/ Brent & Judy; 6" new snow, 20 degrees-brrr. #37 11-13-09 w/ Joe Bullough - a safe Friday the 13th activity! #38 11-20-09 Solo - One more for the book. Icy in spots, clear up the scramble. #39 12-10-09 One of the more difficult ascents because of 3"-5" of airy snow over a layer of icy melted snow and single digit temps. 3+ hrs to the top. #40 12-24-09 Fresh snow, broke trail last 1,000'. #41 12-26-09 Followed many of my own footprints to the top. Gorgeous day. #42 2-2-10 First up after new snow, bumped into ZeeJay above saddle 2+42 up. #43 2-11-10 #44 2-15-10 #45 2-16-10 #46 2-27-10 w/ Brent-his 1st winter climb of this peak. #47 3-30-10 Solo 2+23 up, 1+31 down. #48 4-6-10 2' of new snow, trailbreaking solo the entire way: 4+10 up, 1+45 down. One of the toughest Oly climbs I've had to make. #49 4-13-10 W/ Dave. 18" new snow near summit. Tough going. 3+45 up 2+30 down. #50 4-29-10 Solo. Very tricky. 12" new snow on top of old crust and ice on scramble. Cold north winds and heavy falling snow last 1,000'. 3+10 up, 2+10 down. #51 5-1-10 Another foot of new snow! Solo. 2+45 up 2+02 down. Curious snowglyphs at the summit. #52 6-3-10 Solo. 1+58 up, same down. Snow on top still over a foot thick. #53 6-10-10 Got a late start but still 1+55 up. Very little snow on top now. #54 9-4-10 Solo 1+40 up 1+24 down. IVD #55 10-23-10 Solo, snow coming. 1+50 up. ivd #56 11-20-10 Gale-force winds, especially down low; ice, snow, fun. 2+10 up. ivd #57 11-23-10 Solo. Cold, fierce swirling winds, knee-deep snow drifts, icy boulders 2+55 up. #58 12-30-10 Solo. Snowshoes and trailbreaking the entire way; 4 feet of new snow for the final 600' vertical. Exhausting and 10 degree cold to boot! #59 1-6-11 Solo. 2+27 up, great snow but still very cold. #60 1-13-11 Solo. @2+35 up, 1+45 down, cold but excellent boot pack to follow on the scramble. #61 2-3-11 Solo. Breaking trail from 2nd stream xing, gnarly on the scramble with plenty of ice and drifted slippery snow. 13 degrees at start of hike. 3+23 up. #62 2-22-11 Solo. Lots of great snow-kicked steps from 500' below saddle to summit but no need for ss or crampons! 2+55 up. #63 3-31-11 W/John. Kicking steps in from 10 minutes above the 2nd stream xing to the summit. More snow in the scramble and on the summit than I have ever seen. Fantastic. 3+31 up. #64 & #65 Snow climb to north and south via Tolcat. 7 hrs r/t. Tons of good snow. W/ Dave & Christine. #66 & 67 4-7-11 Just like two days ago except this time I was solo. Harder when solo! :) #68 4-12-11 W/ ZeeJay & Dave - snow depth amazing. #69 4-14-11 Solo. 8" to 12" of new snow. Trailbreaking from 2nd stream. Shocking snow depths in scramble.#70 5-20-11 Solo to saddle in 12" new wet snow. W/ Joe to summit. This is May 20th? #71 6-4-11 Solo - last peak of Triple Play: Big Beacon, Grandeur west route and this one. Still lots of ugly snow from below saddle to summit. Still fun. 2+26 up. #72 6-17-11 & #73 6-30-11 No snow now, good time up 1+53. #74 10-31-11 Dry. 2+11 up in dark (it is Halloween afterall!) #75 11-3-11 3rd leg of Triple Play (see 6-4-11), 2+14 up, pesky, icy snow above 2nd stream.#76 3-19-12 Had to get it in official winter so bagged it with 12" of new snow on the last day of winter. Trailbreaking from the 1st stream crossing, snowshoes from the saddle in sugar snow on top of crusty ice. Hmmm. #77 4-21-12 As 1st leg in the "Reverse Triple Play" route. 2+06 up, 1+34 down. W/ Gristle. #78 5-15-12 W/ Brent. Saw one rattler on the lower trail. 2+25 up. #79 10-16-12 Solo. Cool & breezy on top. 2+11 up 1+34 down. #80 12-25-12 Weihnachtswanderung mit ausgezeichneter Gesellschaft und 12" neuem Schnee. 4+50 up. #81 1-1-13 New Year's Day climb, leider allein mit neuem Schnee. 3+30 up. Microspikes notwendig. #82 2-12-13 Mit Hilfe von einer Freundin habe ich den Weg bis oben neu gebrochen im vielen neuen Schnee. 4+41 bis zur Spitze. Nachher habe ich Grandeur Peak erobert. Ich war muede nachher. #83 3-26-13 3rd leg of Triple Play 2+42 up 1+44 down. Muede. #84 4-9-13 Solo 5+04 up One of the toughest climbs of this little peak I've ever had; 8" to over 12" of new powder on top of crusty collapsing leftover snow and plenty of rime under fluff on the boulders in the scramble. #85 4-16-13 Solo 3+10 up. 3" to 4" new snow but better footing by far than #84. Microspikes from saddle to top. #86 5-7-13 2+25 up, virtually no snow or ice on the scramble but clotted dirty icy snow below the saddle for about 15 agonizing minutes. #87 5-13-13 Icy mud/snow now replaced by generic mud. Saw no rattlers, though. :) 2+13 up 1+45 down. #88 6-21-13, #89 7-2-13 and #90 7-23-13 with early starts to beat summer heat. 2+08 up on the 23rd. #91 8-1-13 Solo. 1+51 up - one of my better times. #92 8-22-13 Solo. Early. 1+52 up - nicht schlecht! #93 9-12-13 Rain and thunder buddy t made it anyway. Immer gut, treue Freunde zu begruessen. #94 9-14-13 1+58 up. #95 9-28-13 Gute begleitete Wanderung. #96 10-4-13 Im neuen Schnee, 4-5" am Scramble. #97 10-8-13 w/ Brent to saddle, then solo. 2+12 up, 1+50 down. Schoen. #98 10-17-13 Solo. Near full moon, clear, headlamp up the scramble. 2+21 up. Brrr on top with wind. #99 10-23-13 2+21 up. #100 11-6-13 Snowy scramble with absolutely the best company for which any mountaineer could wish. No confetti, no brass bands; only heartfelt gratitude. #101 ? #102 12-19-13 Solo. Microspikes all the way; scramble dicey with 3" loose snow on ice-glazed quartzite. #103 1-23-14 2+35 up with my 96-year old mother. What snow is left is rapidly becoming treacherous ice. #104 2-8-14 4"-5" new snow, 2" of ice on the scramble. Met WMC group on way down. #105 2-11-14 Solo. Lotsa new snow. Es war ein einsamer Morgen aber man macht das Beste das man kann. #106 2-17-14 Presidents' Day special - dicey scramble. 3+02 up. #107 3-3-14 2+23 up - Spring-like. #108 3-5-14 Afternoon delight 2+28 up. #109 3-26-14 Solo celebratory climb. Bad icy snow above 2nd stream to saddle. 2+14 up. #110. 4-4-14 One foot+ new snow-dicey scramble. 2+43 up. #111 4-15-14 2+13 up. Hab' das Auto gesehen aber leider nicht die Besitzerin. #112 4-26-14 After Grandeur West this! Continuous snow falling from 2nd stream. 2+17 up. 7,500' e.g. helps to relieve stress. Und IVD. #113 5-15-14 1+55 up da ich so begeistert war von gestern Abend (2 koestliche Stunden). #114. 5-26-14. Solo, leider. 1+58 up. IVD #115. 7-3-14 Up 1+50, down 1+37. IVD #116 9-4-14 Allein. 2+11 up IVD #117 9-15-14 To help Joe B. celebrate his 500th ascent of this gem. #118 9-16-14 Solo. Early 2+16 up, 1+32 down. IVD. #119 12-30-14 4+45 up Serious trail breaking most of the way. #120 3-24-15 up 2+48 New snow over old ice! IVD #121 5-1-15 Solo aber einsam. #122 5-9-15 It rained, it hailed, it snowed and then it poured rain from the 2nd stream down. But I made it safely. IVD #123 8-8-15 W/ Deborah, my oldest daughter. Up in 2+47 including breaks! #124 9-14-15 Solo 2+03 up & IVD. #125 10-24-15 Solo 2+28 up. IVD #126 11-2-15 Solo from 2nd stream. #127 11-23-15 Solo. #128 11-26-15 Solo Thanksgiving climb, 3"-4" new snow. IVD. #129 12-5-15. W/Brent. Icy 3+29 up. #130 12-21-15 To celebrate the winter solstice. Solo. 4+29 up, snowshoes even in scramble. Tough. #131 12-28-15 Solo 4+13 up. SS the entire scramble where drifted new snow had me literally finding & breaking trail. Very challenging. #132 1-5-16 Solo. 2" new snow made it slippery. 3+19 up. #133 1-8-16. 5+02 on a day begging for creativity and perseverance. Mit Yz. #134 2-2-16 Very tough climb with a foot of new snow and thigh-deep stuff the entire scramble. 4+25 up! And cold. #135 3-15-16 Beware the ides of March... Very tough scramble: 6" new snow on top of old crusted icy snow and slicked up quartzite slabs - wicked combo. 4+21 up w/ crampons and ice ax.#136 3-29-16 Solo. Very tough with 6" to 8" of new snow on top of hardened snow and often ice. Crampons/ice ax for scramble. 4+59 up. #137 5-20-6 With Yz. Windy. 3+10 up. #138 6-3-16 Solo 2+09 up. #139 10-4-16 Solo. Helped a fellow from NYC up the slippery (patchy snow) scramble. 3+16 up. #140 11-15-16 Solo. To commemorate the super moon. Up 2+39. #141 11-29-16 Solo. Over 1' of new powder. Arduous and tricky snowshoeing to top. 5+07 up. #142 1-10-17 Solo. 4+22 up & one of the hardest, trickiest scrambles ever overcoming 1"-2" of ice on the boulders which was covered by anywhere from 2" to 6" of newly fallen and constantly blowing snow. Winds were hideous. #143 1-16-17 w/ Lana. Cold but sunny on top. 3+51 up. Frozen snow above 2nd stream all the way. #144 2-7-17 w/ Sam Grant.Strong gusting winds. 2+47 up. #145 2-20-17 W/ Lana. Tough scramble, slippery big time below the saddle. 3+10 up. #146 2-28-17 Solo. 6"-12" new snow..SS from 2nd stream to summit. Challenging. Cold. 4+33 up. #147 3-14-17 Solo. Up 2+55 1st ascent since ablation 1 week ago. #148 4-4-17 Solo. Quite cold, cruddy freeze-thaw leftover snow on the upper trail and verglas on many sections of the quartzite scramble boulders. 2+37 up. #149 4-10-17 Solo. Cold, new snow, thick ice on the scramble. Crampons a necessity. 3+28 up. #150 4-24-17 Solo. Very slippery in spots. 2+42 up. #151 5-1-17 Packed snow from 30 minutes below saddle, mixed bag in scramble. 2+44 up. Bicycle along side of trail half way to the saddle! #152 5-10-17 Solo. 2+21 up. #153 5-23-17 Solo. 2+22 up.15 yards of snow still on top. #154 7-31-17 Solo. 2+06 up. #155 8-8-17 Solo, 2+04 up. #156 9-14-17 Solo, 2+14 up. #157 10-25-17 Solo. 2+21 up. Bone dry. #158 11-8-17 Solo. 2+36 up. #159 12-19-17 Solo. To celebrate the birthday of my twins. Icy and bare, scramble almost all dry. 2+42 up. #160 2-6-18 2" new snow, slipping & sliding, dicey at times on scramble, snowing on top, 3+05 up. Solo. #161 3-19-18 Solo. 3+07 up - microspikes & ice ax. #162 3-26-18 Solo birthday hike. Very tough conditions. Snowshoes, microspikes & ice ax necessary. 4+41 up. Snowing lightly most of the way. #163 5-1-18 Solo. Tricky scramble. 7" fresh snow plus melt. 3+39 up. #164 6-11-18 Solo. 2+05 up, ideal morning.#165 8-14-18 W/ J.P.Lewis to saddle, solo to summit. Hot and smoky. #166 10-2-18 Solo. 2+23 up. Big rain coming in pm. #167 11-13-18 Solo. 25 degrees. 25-pound pack made for a lengthy summit ascent: 2+56. #168 12-24-18 Solo. 32 degrees, 24# pack, broke trail from saddle, 2"-3" new snow above 2nd stream, 3+-05 up. #169 w/ Lana and dogs, Tough conditions, snow all the way, micro spikes, cold. 5+ up. Lost mitten but found it the following day. #170 03-02-19. W/ Lana. Crampons from 1st stream. 4+33 up. #171 04-11-19 Solo. 6+35 up in two feet of new snow, blown to a smooth constant 30 degrees of slope all the way up from 20 minutes past the 2nd stream. Bushwhacked both up and down - impossible to locate the trail. #172 05-06-19 Solo. A mix of running trail water, mud, icy snow and frozen bootpack to the sunny friendly top. Up in 3+00. #173 06-19-19 Solo. Dry. 2+26 up. 2-foot long bull snake encountered on the way down. #174 07-17-19 W/ Angela, Abigail and Addie 3+54 up. #175 08-06-19 Solo. 2+28 up. #176 09-10-19 W/ John Parley the first half. #177 12-06-19 W/ Lana. 4+14 up in much snow above 2nd stream. #178 01-03-2020 W Lana, 4+28 up, lots of snow and 3" fresh stuff. #179 01-18-2020 With WMC Dave Lewis, Andee Thatcher & Lana. Snowshoes all the way from the 2nd stream. 4+57 up. Bluebird day. #180 10-12-20 W/ Lana & Brent. 3+07 up. Perfect wx. #181 11-30-20 W/ Lana. Bluebird day. 3+37 up, icy trail, microspikes. Full moon. #182 02-11-2021 Solo. 3+12 up. Icy trail, some snow, a thin pesky layer of freshly fallen snow made the scramble especially spicy. #183 02-15-21 Solo. 3+44 up. 5"+ of loose snow made the scramble tricky and frustrating but I made it to the top. Cold, wind, snow up there. #184 03-03-21 W/Lana. 4+00 up w/ perfect frozen snow, no wind.

Rocky Alps

Rocky Alps - May 28, 2007 1:56 am Date Climbed: May 24, 2007

Mt. Olympus Trail  Sucess!

Went with a buddy from work for my first hike of the season. The trail was steeper than I anticipated (this is the only hike I've ever done where my knees were sore afterward), but the scrambling at the end was pretty straight forward. The small summit has nice views of the other major Wasatch peaks in Salt Lake County. We were treated to a great sunset on the way down, and the city lights below made it possible to get back down without needing a flashlight. After seeing the freeway below on the way back down, it seemed like it took forever to get back down.

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