Mozambique High Points

Mozambique High Points

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Mozambique has 10 provinces, hence 10 high points. These high points are not all easy to get to and some are damn near impossible without a big bank roll. As far as I'm aware this list has never been completed.
But for those adventurous souls who feel the urge to go when they hear the words "you can't do it," here they are.

Inhambane - Mazengue (233m)
Gaza - Chantulo (521m)
Maputo - M'Ponduine (801m)
Cabo Delgado - Monte Maco (1219m)
Nampula - Serra Inago (1801m)
Niassa - M. Txitongo (1848m)
Sofala - Mount Gorongosa (1862m)
Tete - Mount Domue (2095m)
Zambezi - Mount Namuli (2419m)
Manica - Mount Binga (2436m)

Map of MozambiqueMap of Mozambique

Getting There

These range from simply using local transport (chapa) or hitch hiking (belay) to needing a private SUVs or charting boats. This list is organized from south to north.

Maputo Province - M'Ponduine (801m)
Easily reached with a private car. For those with out private transport you can take a chapa to Namacha and hike the rest of the way or you can try to hitch hike (belay) there as well.

Gaza Province - Chantulo (521m)
At present it is unclear where exactly this point is located with in the province. Anyone with information please post it.

Inhambane Province - Mazengue (233m)
At present it is unclear where exactly this point is located with in the province. Anyone with information please post it.

Manica Province - Mount Binga (2436m)
Easiy to get to with a private car in Zimbabwe. No public transport and you will need a 4WD vehicle to get to the Mozambican side.

Sofala Province - Mount Gorongosa (1862m)
You can take public transport to the town of Gorongosa and then the National Park will take you the remainder of the way to the base. If you have your own vehicle you can use that, but 4WD is recommended.

Tete Province - Mount Domue (2095m)
Local transport or hitching are easy to the border. After that you will need to rent a bike taxi or hope to hitch a ride on the long walk to the mountain. A private car without 4WD can easily do these roads.

Zambezi Province - Mount Namuli (2419m)
N/A at this time

Nampula Province - Serra Inago (1801m)
N/A at this time

Cabo Delgado Province - Monte Maco (1219m)
N/A at this time

Niassa Province - Mount Txitongo (1848m)
N/A at this time

Red Tape

Most mountains in Mozambique require talking to or paying some local "Regulo" or offical. When wanting to climb this list you will need time and patients.

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You can camp around or on pretty much all of these. However, this is Mozambique and that means totally self-sufficient camping. Bring a spare for everything. Plan on nothing being there and always purify your water.



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