Natural arches in Europe

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Natural arches in Europe
Created On: Jun 9, 2010
Last Edited On: Jul 22, 2010

Natural arches in Europe

There is already an arches album but it looks mainly focused on US. Arches in Europe are more rare and this one is made for them.

We can later establish some list with statistics : height, width, but such data are far to be available for each. What's more, these are perhaps not the only necessary data to judge from an arch's majestuosity. Perhaps the "thinness" of the pillar, the surface of the hole, the depth (what's the difference between an arch and a cave with 2 ends ?), should be considered also. Even less measurable, the artisticity of the shape...

So you are welcome to add yours ! Please 3/4 pictures maximum for the same one, if possible from different authors each, or different angle/season. Attach rocks pages as well if they exist. It doesn't have to be a sedimentary arch from the pure geological point of view, all sorts of natural bridges are welcome, even those at the seaside.

Some famous absents in this album ! :
- Hohler Stein in Klostertal, Austria
- Rocher de la Vierge, french Basque Country (Biarritz)
- Etretat, Manneporte & Porte d'Amont, France
- Scandola, Corsica
- Gaada Stack, Foula, Shetland, Scotland
- Bozijat, Bulgaria
- Durdle Door on the Dorset coast, England
- Suplja Greda, Croatia
- Ponte di veja, Italy
- Cathedral Arch, Portugal
- Podul Lui Dumnezeu de la Ponoarele, Romania
- Zorunovac Arch, Serbia
- Naravni Most, Slovenia

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Natural arches in Europe

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