Prebischtor (Pravcicka Brana)

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Location Lat/Lon: 50.88435°N / 14.29107°E
Additional Information Elevation: 1473 ft / 449 m
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Prebischtor is in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Elbsandsteingebirge) a powerful natural stone bridge, which curves at a value of 435m over the lake and 16m over the earth. The elbow width amounts to 30 meters - the maximum width is 8 meters. With these extents and thanks of its form it is the largest and the most beautiful stone bridge in completely Europe. Altogether 88 bridges are registered, to the most famous belong in particular to stone bridges in the States of Utah and Arizona in the USA, Edwin Bridge (length 65m), and Rainbow Bridge (length and height approx. 100m). The Prebischtor resulted at present the turonishen right parallelepiped and stones on the narrowed southwest end of the small mountain comb from million years continuous decomposition of sandstone grains and - to fragments of a spacious niche up to the today's stage.
The Germans designated this place after the Eremiten Prebisch, which had lived here after the legend. The beginnings of the tourism in this area fall into the last century: The first tourists could rent maultiere or porters for their way to the gate here, since the way was very bad contrary to today at that time. In the year 1826 a pub was built here. With the development of the tourism also the interest in this remote and very well accessible place did not rise fast (the Prebischtor was one of the principal purposes in the travel guides by Saxonian Switzerland, e.g. the travel guide by the landscape beautifulnesses around Tetschen, that by Thun in the year 1826 was given change). Probably the Clary Aldringener presented a walking way of Herrnskret (Høensko) up to the Presbischtor in the thirties of the last century for this reason. Only in the year 1881 the pub was replaced by a splendid hotel with a capacity of fifty beds, which late falcon nest (Sokolí hnízdo) one called.
To the most famous visitors of the Prebischtors belongs the Danish fairy-tales-teller Hans Christian Andersen one, which was here in the years 1831 and 1851. The listing of the names would be certainly enriches, if there were a compulsory registration at the gate. The mentioned ascent ways lead to the prospect places in the environment, by which the one, which on the elbow of the gate was situiert, in the year 1980 because of excessive load of the elbow had to be closed. The elbow was fastened thereafter with a special mixture with resin. On one of the northern prospects is a obelisk, which reminds of the activity of the mountain association for Boehmi Switzerland. This organization was created in the year 1879 - the group in Herrnskretschen (Hrensko), which by Anton Clar was led, had 92 members. They made the local attractive places accessible thereby by putting on ways and railings and for way markings provided. Furthermore they provided for an increase of the knowledge of this landscape and meetings of nature lovers organized.
Of the prospect places one knows the sloping tabelformed snow mountain (721m) with an observation tower, points of the Boehmi low mountain range (Èeské støedohoøí) for example, the Lausitzer mountains (Lužické hory), the board mountains in Germany - lily stone and king stone, which into the length pulled mountain comb of the large one and small Zschirnsteins and other collections of this place, so the characteristic mountain Pravèicky kužel and Køídelní stìna to see.

Getting there

It's very easy to get there. You drive from Dresden to Schmilka or across the border to Hrensko (Czech Republic). From there you can go different ways. I think the best is the following.

Migration Infos

The migration begins at the parking lot in Schmilka. We pass the border to Tschechien and reach, the road following, after two kilometers the small place Hrensko (dtsch. Herrnskretschen). Herrnskretschen, for the first time 1475 mentioned, is because of the delta of the Kamenice (Kamnitzbach) into the Elbe. In former times determined wood trade, quarry, fishery and Elbe shipping the economic happening. With the arising of the tourism in the Elbsandsteingebirge Hrensko developed to the popular health resort and moving goal. In the last years many market conditions settled here, which disfigure the local picture somewhat. Since these conditions are usually operated by vietnamesischen dealers, the name "Ho-Chi-Minh-path" was already used for this way section. We hold ourselves with the inlet of the Kamenice left and follow the run of the small river. After 15,-20 min way we left the trubel of the market behind us and to reach the branch to the klammen, which bends way to the right from the road, follows the always far river and is with a yellow line marked. The way brings us by a pictorial valley, partly by tunnels, to the boat station to Edmund-clammy (on Czech Ticha Souteska, i.e. silence Clammy one). Starting from here the far way is possible only with the boat. The boat travel costs 45 Kc (conditions May 2001) and lasts about 30 min. The explanations of the boat leaders are partly quite humorous ("you would give to me 100 crowns and I make submarine, for 200 crowns I drown your mother-in-law!"). The descriptions to the rock shapes (elephant, queues, the clammy family) require sometimes something Fantasie.
The Edmund-clammy 1890 were made by the prince Edmund Clary Aldringen at its own expense accessible and carry since then his few minutes footpath of the upper station.
About ten minutes later we reach a signpost/guide after Mezni Louka and follow starting from here the blue marking. Soon we reach the hotel Rainwiese. The hotel was built for 1892 by the prince Edmund Clary Aldringen and is since then a substantial touristic center in bohemian switzerland. Here one knows bohemian beer and bohemian kitchen enjoy opposite the hotel begins Gabriele-rises (marking red line). The beautiful way rises at the beginning of fast and goes then, always approximately on a height remaining, to the foot of the Prebischtor (about 1.5 h). On the way several times beautiful of views of Stimmersdorf, the cone of the rose mountain and the rock world of bohemian switzerland are offered. Entered one may not do the Prebischtor today no more, in order not to accelerate the natural erosion. But of the beside-standing rock reef, which is attainable over stages, a good view of that is offered to impressive rock thing. Into the opposite direction the view curves over the silver wall up to the winter mountain. The roof of the winter mountain hotel and the latticed mast standing beside it are visible over the trees. Beside the Prebischtor the restaurant falcon refuge is built to the rock (establishes 1881). The entrance to the rock gate costs 45 Kc. From Prebischtor follows we the red marking toward Hrensko, reaches after a half hour the road Hrensko - Mezni Louka, to which we continue to follow and run back over Hrensko to Schmilka.
Of course you can go the way in the opposite direction.

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Vid Pogachnik

Vid Pogachnik - Oct 13, 2003 3:15 pm - Hasn't voted

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On October 11th I was in Monte Lessini, hilly landscape north of Verona, Italia. There is a huge natural bridge, rising 29 meters off the valley floor, spanning nearly 50 meters and being 6 meters wide. So it is obviously bigger than Prebischtor (Pravcicka Brana).


desainme - Oct 14, 2003 6:42 pm - Voted 10/10

Untitled Comment

Natural Bridge Kentucky is quite imposing spanning 78 feet. The center of the arch is 68 feet high and the pavement 40 feet above that. Material: Sandstone. Position: Skyline. The on ramps make it much more than 78 feet in length. This is depicted in the Red River Gorge Page at Summitpost. I think Manning bridge in Kentucky is the longest eastern span at 154 feet.


desainme - Oct 14, 2003 6:45 pm - Voted 10/10

Untitled Comment

This is a skyline bridge but the photo does not show that aspect


desainme - Oct 14, 2003 6:51 pm - Voted 10/10

Untitled Comment

1. Mantle Rock, Kentucky (KY-86)
154-foot span measured by Chris Moore
Livingston County near Joy


visentin - Nov 2, 2009 3:54 am - Voted 10/10


Wouldn't it be appropriate to attach it to this ? :

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