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Location Lat/Lon: 40.97938°N / 3.84744°W
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7247 ft / 2209 m
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South face of Nevero
Sierra de Guadarrama, in spite of a modest highness, is a range that retains rests of glaciarism in some of its highest summits. The most important mountain to find it is Peñalara and its surroundings: glacier lakes, moraines and polished rocks show that glaciarism in the highest top of Guadarrama. Paradoxically, those little glacier circus are in south faces in this range. Near here, in Sierra de Gredos, glaciarism is much more evident in north faces.
Nevero is the highest top of Montes Carpetanos (or La Somosierra), a extension of Sierra de Guadarrama to the north-east, located between Puerto (road pass) de Somosierra (1.444 m) to the east and Puerto del Reventón (2.040 m) to the west (see the main page of Sistema Central to more details). It’s a mountain much less known than Peñalara (2.430 m.) or Cabezas de Hierro (2.383 m.), where thousands of people climb every year its slopes. Nevero is placed in the north-east extreme of the range, between the flatness of la Meseta (to the north, province of Segovia) and the huge Lozoya valley (to the south, province of Madrid). It's a lonely mountain, surrounded by a wild landscape of rocks, forests and meadows, where the silence is the king.
This mountain is easily accesible from the nearest Puerto de Navafría (1.760 m.), that you can get by car from both sides. The ascent from this road pass provides excellent views: it’s an easy hike, following the evident ridge, wide and smooth, to the top.
But the south-east face is much more interesting. Starting the ascent from the village of Lozoya, you’ll cross meadows (full of cows) and forests (pines and oaks) before to get to the little glacier circus, where you’ll see two little lakes. A sharp slope, specially interesting in winter or spring when you’ll find icy or snowy (in this case ice-axe and crampons can be useful) is the last obstacle to the top.
A fox in the top

Getting There

By car:
Starting the route from ermita de la Fuensanta
To find the best route I advise to consulte the web page of Guiacampsa where you have a seeker. It’s very ease to use: you have to refill the fields “origen-localidad” (locality where you start your route) and “destino-localidad” (locality where you end your route; in this case, you can write Lozoya if you can follow this route).
Also you can see the nearest roads and villages in Google maps.
From Madrid and southern Spain: take A-1 to km 57, exit to “Rascafría-Lozoya”. Then M-604 to Lozoya. From here, turn right following M-637 to Puerto de Navafría (road pass). To climb the south-east route, you have to park the car 2 kms away from the village of Lozoya. There is a little church indicated as “ermita de la Fuensanta”.
From northern Spain: A-1 to the exit indicated as “Rascafría-Lozoya”. From here, the same route already indicated. Another alternative is follow the road SG-612 that ascends to the road pass of Puerto de Navafría, passing the village of Navafría.
For knowing better the road conditions (specially indicated in winter) you can consult the web page of (Road Traffic General Direction) in DGT (here you can see a map where you have to choose the province; in this case: Madrid).
By bus:
Several buses (line 194) of the bus company Continental-Auto (bus stop in Plaza de Castilla, Madrid; phone: 902 33 04 00) get to the village of Lozoya. To see the time table, consult the web page of Continental-Auto

Red Tape

Glaciar lakes in south face of Nevero
No permits or fees are required to enter in this zone. Recently, this area has been declared National Park (Parque Nacional de Guadarrama).The Valdesquí ski resort is very visited, specially in winter (by this reason, it isn’t advisable to drive by the M-601 (puerto de Navacerrada-puerto de Cotos) or M-604 from Puerto de Cotos to get to Lozoya. The road traffic is very intense in this season and M-601 can be even closed when that road is crowded).

Camping and lodging

Free camping is forbidden in all this area, but you can climb Nevero in a long day. However, there are lots of possibilities to lodge in the environs. Rural houses (visit the link toprural) in several villages like Rascafría or Lozoya are an interesting option. Visit also the link of sierranorte to find it.

When to climb

Climbing a 45º slope in snow
Winter: ice-axe and crampons (even rackets) can be useful; anyway a good equipment to cold days. The wind can be a serious problem in the tops and on the ridge between Puerto de Navafría and the top of Nevero.
Spring: you can find still snow or even ice near to the top and in the glacier circus. Warm days begin to replace to cold days and there are more hours of light. Thaw begins and flowers covers the meadows, making the ascent very pleasant.
Summer: be careful in hot days. Carry 1,5 litres of water at least (you have several streams by the way also), a good hat and suntan oil. The snow dissapears and rocky slopes replace to snowy slopes.
Autumn: snow covers the tops at the beginning of this season, and cold and rain can be a great inconvenient. Pinewoods (Pinus sylvestris) cover the north and south faces of Nevero: don’t do so beautiful this ascent as in another mountains, where the leafs change of colour in different species of trees. Only in the bottom of the Lozoya valley you can find oakwoods and other trees that change the leafs, like ashes and birches.
Exceptionally, you can find snow in the tops of Sierra de Guadarrama even in June.
Visit the web page AEMET or Agencia Española de Meteorología for knowing the weather prevision in this area. You have a seeker where you can see the local prevision for several days searching by the name of village (ordered before by “Comunidad Autónoma: Castilla-León or Madrid” in this case and “provincia: Segovia or Madrid”). In this case you can search the village of Lozoya (province of Madrid) or Navafría (province of Segovia).
For knowing the snow conditions it’s a good idea consult the web page and webcams of Valdesquí ski resort.


A good map of this area is "Sierra Norte", Scale 1:50.000 edited by La Tienda Verde: Maudes street, 38-28003 Madrid.

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AEMET weather forecast for Sierras de Guadarrama y Somosierra

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