Normal route from Hagener Hütte

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Austria, Europe
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Half a day
The last few metres on the ridge is marked UIAA I+

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Normal route from Hagener Hütte
Created On: Aug 25, 2008
Last Edited On: Aug 28, 2008


The route itself is an easy one the only difficulty is the last few metres on the ridge which is a bit steep both sides. It's graded UIAA I+. Unless this, it is a hiking without any tecnical difficulty. Beautyful views as usual.

Getting There-Route Discription

1. From Mallnitz (1191m) to Jamnig Hütte (1745m):

There is a road on which you can easily come up with a car, it lasts for about 20 minutes. The road is not a steep one, every car can make it. The parking place is a bit under Jamnig Hütte for about 5 to 10 minutes walk up.
The other possibility is to go on foot. There is the Nr. 110 route going in the forest near the surfaced road for cars. If you choose this you will walk for about 2 hours from Mallnitz and 1 and a half hour back. The route is easy, You cross brook Mallnitz a few times, really beautiful place.

2. From Jamnig Hütte (1745m) to Hagener Hütte (2446m)

You can now continue your trip only on foot. The route's kilter is the same as it was from Mallnitz to Jamnig Hütte. It is wide not steep and goes in the upper regions. No trees. also Nr. 110.
It lasts for about 2 and a half hours. 2 hours coming back.

The route to Hagener Hütte from Jamnig Hütte

3. From Hagener Hütte (2446m) to Vorderer Geiselkopf summit (2974m)

Route's number: 135. Sometimes a bit steep, there might be snow if the weather is so. No rock climbing or any technical requirement.
The last ridge might be steep for non-practiced climbers. The steep ridge starts at about 30 metres below the peeks altitude, it is achievable in about 10 minutes.
The whole route need's about 2-2 and a half hours time up and 2 hours back.

The summit and the last ridge

So the mountain is climbable in this way in about half day's time.

*Hinterer Geiselkopf (2886m) can be reached from Vorderer Geiselkopf on a very steep ridge. Only for practiced climbers with the essential gear. No signed route!

Hinterer GeiselkopfHinterer Geiselkopf

Essential Gear

Nothing technical or extra past clothes for the season. Walking sticks might be beneficial.
If you go in winter or after some day of snowing you should need the ordinary alpine gear. Crampons, ice axe.

Normal route from Hagener Hütte

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