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Location Lat/Lon: 47.01432°N / 13.07395°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Additional Information Elevation: 9757 ft / 2974 m
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Normal route from Hagener Hütte uploaded on the 25th of August, 2008.

If you tried the route from south side from Feldseescharte please add that route to Routes section! Thanks!


Geiselkopf/Geisslkopf/Geiselspitze is located in the Eastern Alps (Hohe Tauern-Goldberg Gruppe) in Austria.

The northern ridge with...From Feldseekopf (2864m) in July, 2005.

GeiselkopfVorderer and Hinterer Geiselkopf, the two summits

Geiselkopf has two summits. The heigher one is called Vorderer Geiselkopf and is 2974 metres heigh. This is the one which is usually known as Geiselkopf. The other summit is called Hinterer Geiselkopf and is a bitlower than Vordere Geiselkopf. It's height is 2886 metres.
Vordere Geiselkopf is an easily climbable peak with it's 2974 metres height. Only the last few metres on the ridge is mentioned to be UIAA I+.

GeiselkopfVorderer Geiselkopf

Wonderful view on Mallnitz (east), Untere Pochkar See (northwest), Feldseekopf (south) and in clear weather on the Glockner Group with Grossglockner and Grossvenediger (southwest).

Mallnitz from GeiselkopfMallnitz from Geiselkopf

There are many webcams in Mallnitz and this is heading towards Geiselkopf.

Getting There

Cross near the route

The mountain lays in the Eastern Alps not far from Mallnitz, Auserfragant or Sportgastein. It's easy to get to these towns by car. There are some ways to Feldseekopf from other directions which you can reach by car from Böckstein, Flattach, Obervellach or Bad Gastein. From every town the route by car is at about half an hour.
From Auserfragant you can go to Weldsee-haus through Innerfragant to start your route /on Nr.145 or Nr.147/.
From Mallnitz the best is to go to Jamnig hütte /Nr.143/ otherwise it's a bit long to walk!
If you are in Sportgastein you can start your climb at Valerie hütte /Nr.110/ , but it's a quite long way!!!

Routes and climbing

Usually non-snowy in summer from the end of May to September. It might snow in the upper regions from 2300 metres height when it is raining in the lower regions for example in Mallnitz. There might be a heavy rain in every ten days, but when the weather gets clear and sunny the snow melts in a few days.
So usually you don't need any extra equipment, except if you want to climb it in the snowy period. Than you might need crampons or a walking ice axe.
On clear, sunny summer days it is climbable in a pair of good boots.

In winter there might much snow, so ski-touring or winter climbing may be a nice "waste'" of time.

Hagener Hütte (2446m)Hagener Hütte (2446m)

There are at least three or four ways to climb it. Easy to climb from Mallnitz via Jamnig Hütte and Hagener Hütte (route Nr. 110-135) or through Feldseescharte on the route Nr. 110-135.
There is an other way from the south-west side from Duisburger Hütte via Feldseescharte on route Nr. 102-135.

For more info see Routes section!

Red Tape

No permissions or route fees! No parking fee! Just cows everywhere :)



Looking east from near Jamnig Hütte

It's possible to sleep in the towns /written above/ at about 8-20 euros per night. I'm affraid there is no camping possibility on the mountain. There are houses in which you can sleep /Jamnig hütte, Böseck hütte, Hagener hütte, Duisburger hütte, Mindener hütte/. There is a hut at Feldseescharte /2712m/ on the ridge not far under the top called Dr. Rudolf Weißgerber bivuoac but I've heard that it is only for having a rest, or warming up in bad weather it's prohibited to sleep there. Ther is also a rescue telephone in the hut hopeing that you musn't use it.



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