Normal (SE) ascent

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Kamnik/Steiner Alps, Slovenia, Europe
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Hiking, Scrambling, Skiing
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Half a day

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Normal (SE) ascent
Created On: Jun 24, 2005
Last Edited On: Aug 4, 2007


A self-made map of Rzenik and...Rzenik and its routes

See the main page how to reach Dol alpine meadow and Rzenik meadow above it.

Route Description

From Rzenik meadow, 1654m, a marked path goes up to Konj mountain, 1803m. On half of this path the ascent path to Rzenik (not marked) deters to the left. So, when ascending from Rzenik meadow you reach cca 1720m of altitude. All the way on your left there's an unpassable slope of dense pine bush. When reaching the point, where looking up you see the lowest point in the ridge Rzenik - Konj, there start searching for a path through pine bush. It is not marked, you don't see any sign, as if it was deliberately camouflaged. The best sign are a few cut down pine bushes. When you have the path, you can't miss it any more. You ascend towards the lowest part of the ridge Rzenik - Konj, just before reaching it the path turns a bit left and ascends over steep E slopes to the summit of Rzenik. From alpine meadow (hut) 30 min.

Not knowing where this path starts, I continued by the marked path to the summit of Konj. From there I went by the main ridge towards Rzenik. From the first fore-summit of Konj it looked fine, but soon I realised, that pine bush is growing on many places also over the vertical N walls. So I couldn't avoid swimming over pine bushes, fighting with them, going by their branches like Tarzan (all in short pants, of course). When reaching the lowest point of the ridge it became even worse, as I had to struggle with pine bushes from below. But it can be done. Then I found the path and descended by it from the summit.

And now (2007) also the third, possibly the best variant. It seems that a non-marked path starts towards the top of Rzenik already lower, on Planina (meadow) Rzenik. It goes up towards the not very distinct saddle above the pasure. From there it continues towards the west and reaches the main ridge a bit west of the highest point. Some 45 minutes for this, upper part.

Essential Gear

Good shoes, in summer long pants. Poles.

Miscellaneous Info

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Normal (SE) ascent

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