Norra leden (bäckravinen)

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Lappland, Sweden, Europe
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Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Spring, Summer
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Most of a day
Scramble / Glacier Walk

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Norra leden (bäckravinen)
Created On: Jul 14, 2006
Last Edited On: Jun 13, 2007


This route is suitable both in winter/spring time with skis and in summer. The traverse includes:

* Glacier walking over Hyllglaciären
* A steep snow wall between Borgtoppen and Stortoppen(Main summit)
* An exposed scramble to Nordosttoppen(NE peak of Ahkka)
* Both of Ahkkas 2000 meter summits

Ahkka NE PeakSummiting Nordosttoppen 2010 meter.

Getting There

Ahkka close upThe airy crux between Stortoppen and Nordosttoppen.

Start from the STF Hut Akkastugorna. Follow the Padjelanta trail southwards, passing the bridge over the wild and brutal river Voujatädno. After the bridge keep left and find the unmarked trail going to the river ravine between Apriltoppen and Majtoppen. On the map, this is the river ravine that has it's delta straight north of Ahkka.

Route Description

Part One
Follow the ravine on the west side of it, either next to the river or a bit upwards Majtoppen. Keep going almost all the way to a glacier called Hambergs Jökel, cross the river about 100-200 meters after a huge rock in the river. Then take sight on the glacier Hyllglaciären and hike all the way until you reach the platue. Now you should have two lakes to the east, a two kilometers long glacier in front of you and Hambergs Jökel west of you. Tie in with a rope and cross the glacier until you reach the pass between Borgtoppen and Stortoppen. Here you'll have to leave your skis in winter and put on your crampons. In winter there are usally a 10 meters wall of snow with a steepness of 60 degrees that needs to be passed. A fall here and you'll be gliding back to glacier. Go up in the pass turn east and walk all the way to the 2016 meter peak Stortoppen.

Ahkka SummitDescending Ahkka Stortoppen, 2016 meter.

Part Two
Now, keep going past the main summit and scramble through the exposed scramble between the both 2000 meter peaks of Ahkka. If feeling unsecure, rope in and put some friends in for safety, otherwise just solo the crux. Scramble up to Nordosttoppen (NE peak) with its 2010 meters above sea level. Keep following the wide ridge northward, go past the un-named peak 1916 and down to the two lakes mentioned earlier. From the lakes just head down to the river crossing (above the big rock) and follow the same way back to Akkastugorna.

If snow conditions are right you can take one of the snowy corridors and glide all the way down to Hyllglaciären.

Essential Gear

In my opinion: rope, harness, cce-Axe and crampons is recommend when crossing the glacier Hyllglaciären. Im not 100% updated with the conditions of this glacier, but check with a local or the people at Akkastugorna. A couple of friends in summer or a snow anchor in winter if feeling unsecure on the scramble to NE Peak.

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Norra leden (bäckravinen)

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