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Location Lat/Lon: 67.57677°N / 17.48199°E
Additional Information County: Norrbottens Län
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Bouldering, Mixed, Scrambling, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 6614 ft / 2016 m
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Áhkká 2016 meters

Mount Áhhká (Sapmi) or Akka (Swedish) is one of very few 2000-meters mountains Sweden. The main summit, Stortoppen is the 8:th highest and Nordosttoppen (NE peak of Ahkka) is the 9:th highest peak in Sweden.

The Area and National Parks

Ahkka is located in northern Sweden inside the national park Stora Sjöfallet. This NP is one of three (Sarek and Padjelanta NP is the other two) that together forms the world heritage area Lapponia. Together this area cover over 9400 square kilometers. There are two trails going trough this area, in north Padjelantaleden and further south Kungsleden/The Kings Trail. Inside the heart of Sarek there are no marked trails at all and no huts where you can fill upp your supplies and thats why this area sometimes is called "The Last Wilderness in Europe".

Ahkka HyllglaciärenAhkkas main summit and NE peak in the background.

Other Facts

Ahkka is often referred as "The Queen of Lapland" as Ahkka means "grandmother" or "goddess" in Sapmi language. Ahkka is considered to be holy according to old Sapmi folklore and Samis show huge respect towards her. For others this is the freeride skiing paradise number one and one of the most popular hiking areas in summer. Ahkkas first known summit was due in 1924 by the two friends Torsten Boberg and Jöns Jönsson. 15 years later the first winter ascent was done.

AhkkaNE Peak of Ahkka, 2010 meters above sea level.

The Ahkka mountain contains eleven peaks which all are very popular to summit and in winter time to randonné. From Ahkkas highest point Stortoppen there is approx. 1500 altitude meters down to Akkasjaure, which makes it the longest "ski slope" in Sweden. The best map for Ahkka and the nearby area is Lantmäteriets Fjällkarta BD10.

Popular summits in the Ahkka massif

* Stortoppen (main summit), 2016m
* Nordosttoppen (NE peak), 2010m
* Borgtoppen, 1963m
* Dubbeltoppen, 1830m
* Västtopparna, 1730m
* Majtoppen, 1628m


There are several popular ways to reach Ahkka Stortoppen. The most common starts from the STF hut Akkastugorna following a river ravine, over a glacier Hyllglaciären and and then a steep walk to the summit. Other popular routes to the summit is from south and then over a steep glacier between Borgtoppen and Stortoppen. There are also several snow corridors direct from the glacier to be used when avalanche conditions are good.

Getting There

The nearest larger town to Ahkka is Gällivare which you can reach by car, train or by domestic flights. From Gällivare there is a 3,5h car/bus ride to the small outpost Ritsem. There's a coach that departing daily from Gällivare and in tourist peak time it departs at least two times a day. The last obstacle before reaching the foot of Ahkka is a great lake called Ahkkasjaure which has to be crossed. During summer a small ferry departs from Ritsem daily. You can also ask one of the permanent residents of Ritsem for a lift with one of their small boats. Often they will help you out for a small fee. In winter/early spring the lake is frozen and can easily be crossed.

You can also start your journey from Kvikkjokk just outside Sarek NP and hike a couple of days to the foot of the mountain. There are NO marked paths and very few huts in Sarek, so you'll need to be self suficient and carry all the food you'll need.

Ahkka Massif from AhkkajaureAhkka massif, seen from Ritsem across the lake Akkasjaure.

Red Tape

No red tape as allemansrätten applies here as it does everywhere else in Sweden. Alltought there is a couple of things to remember:

* Sport fishing is banned because of the area status as a national park.
* Do not interfer or disturb the Samis cattle/reindeers.


Camping is allowed everywhere in the three NPs. There is also a STF hut near the foot of Ahkka called Akkastugorna. They got 30 beds, kitchen and a shower. Check external links for more information.
Ahkka FieldsCamping at the green mossy fields at the foot of Ahkka.

External Links

* STF Hut Akkastugorna - Accomodation near Ahkka.
* Svenska Toppturer - A great book about randonné skiing in Ahkka and other mountains in Sweden.
* Allemansrätten - Information about "Right of Public Access"



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