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Ocean View

Huadoy Sur, Northeast Face

En route, Northeast face of Ranrapalca

Huaraz Footwear


Tree camp (4300 m), a...

Artesonraju - Routes: Text...

Moraine Camp view :...

Entering the Quebrada de...

View from the BC near Laguna...

On your way to Taullipampa, a...

Urus from Base Camp

Nevados in the Santa Cruz trek

Huandoy Sur

Pierre belaying me on a steep section

Hatun Machay

180° panorama from Cerro Huancapeti

Summit Shot, Ranrapalca


Jatunmontepuncu dwarfed by Chopiraju and Cayesh, from Ishinca

The disappearing west ridge of Uruashraju Norte, seen from the south

Tulparaju 1962 Route

Jatunmontepuncu from the SSE


Ishinca Below

Cashan Oeste (5686m)

High on the slopes of Uruashraju

The rocky ramps of Sentilo ....

Nevado Taullirraju

Ranrapalca, Northeast Face Route

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