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Pedra Molina (205m), May 16th...

Spasimata valley near Refuge de Carozzu

Punta di San Gio Agostino (1599m)

Summit panorama Monte Albanu to the east and south

Punta Migliarello

Punta Catirina approaching...

Punta Sant´Eliseo (1271 m)

Monte San Petrone

Le Forcelle


Gorges de Spelunca

Monte Rotondo

Lac de Melo and the Rotondo Massif

Le Forcelle

Rock formation in Codula...

Capu di u Vitullu

in the Pampanosa couloir at about 2000 m, 05/13/07

The lower part of Codula...

Punta Culaghia

Restonica valley. Corsica.

Summit view Punta Catirina...

Calanche de Piana

Punta sos Nidos seen from the...

Cascades Anglais. July 2000

Le Forcelle

UOMO di Cagna, Corsica, France July 2009

Nino lake, its "pozzines" and its wild horses, 05/14/07

Punta Licciola

Pedra Molina (205m), May 16th...

The Tortetto bridge near Cascade d'Anglais

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Viewing: 91-120 of 1161