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Nevado Firura

Area Topo Map

The Road Up to Achambi

Starting In Achambi

Above Achambi

Follow This Ridge Up

Firura In September

Looking Down From the Notch

Pasture Area, Turn Right Here

Going Up, Stay to the Left of This Lake

Nevado Coropuna Off to Your Right

First View of Firura

Follow the Valley To the Left of These Rocks

High Camp

Follow This Valley

Lots of Lakes and Ponds

Almost To the Snow Line

Looking Back Down

The Summit Is Behind the Knob To the Right of the Vertical Rocks

A Nice Sunset But Running Out of Time

Summit Ridge

Laguna Apalcocha (16,089') at Sunset

Going Back Down to Acahambi

Rocky Going Near the Base of the Mountain

The Route Goes Up the Broad Draw Behind the Lake

Getting Dark and Getting Cold

Just Before Here Is the First View of Firura

Go Around the Lake and ThenTo the Left of the Low Rocky Ridge

This Is One of the Last Places To Get Water

Go Up the Draw In the General Direction of the Highest Point

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Viewing: 1-30 of 661