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Karakuni from the East

Campground at Ebino Kogen

Karakuni from Ebino Kogen

Karakuni from the west

Karakuni from a climb to Koshiki-dake

At the trailhead to Karakuni-dake

The trail from Ebino Kogen towards Karakuni-dake

The crater rim just below the summit

Summitview South

Karakuni crater from the summit

Summitview West

Shinmoe-dake and Takachiho-mine from Karakuni-dake

Climbers on the summit of Karakuni-dake

Ohachi from Takachiho-mine summit

Ohachi from Takachiho-gawara trail head

Morning climb of Ohachi's angry snake

Sunrise in the angry snake - Ohachi

View from the crater to the east

Ohachi crater

From the crater rim southeastwards

On the crater rim

On the North side of the crater with Takachiho-mine in the background

Crater from the Northeast edge

On the crater edge ...

The crater from the highest point on Ohachi

Hiker on the crater rim.

Busy climbing day

Tori at the Nita Pass trailhead

Fugendake and Heisei Shinzan from Nita Pass

Fugendake and Heisei Shinzan from toll road observatory deck

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Viewing: 1-30 of 39