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One Badass Little Mama

UN 3380

UN 3380 Summit

UN 3380_Getting There Map

UN 3380 from the southeast

UN 3380 from the false summit to the SE

Summit of UN 3380

Summit ammo can

Saguaro grove near summit

Sonoran Desert Scape

Saguaro Close-Up

Saguaro on UN 3380

Natural Sonoran Rock Garden

Los Cerros del Gato y Gatito

Gates Mountain

Gates Mountain

Final stroll to summit

Sonoran Desert Cholla

Summit of "Little Cat Mountain"

Summit Boulders of "Little Cat Mountain"

Stand of Saguaros

Looking up at "Little Cat Mountain"

Looking up at "Little Cat Mountain"

Looking down to the desert floor

"Little Cat Mountain" Summit

"Little Cat Mountain" summit, big sibling in background

"Little Cat Mountain" Getting There Map

"Little Cat Mountain" from desert below

"Little Cat Mountain" from west of "Los Gatos Pass"

Gates Pass from "Little Cat Mountain"

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Viewing: 1-30 of 1591