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Older Boys and Adults at Apple and Pear

Typical Scrambling on Elk Mountain

Apple and Pear "Summit" Shot

Descent to Apple and Pear

Western Face of Elk Mountain

Trail to Apple and Pear

Big Boulder Room in Charon's Garden

The Arch on Elk Mountain

Hiking Elk Mountain

Descent to Apple and Pear

Failed Ascent of Elk Mountain

If You Can't Go Around or Over ...

Apple and Pear

Trail Lunch at Big Boulder Room

Descent from Apple and Pear

Elk Mountain Summit Rock

Elk Mountain Summit Block

Taking a Break in the Boulder Room

Elk Mountain Summit Block

Hiking to Apple and Pear

Western Elk Mountain Summit

Summit Block of Elk Mountain

Headed to Apple and Pear

Along the Elk Mountain Summit Block

Elk Mountain Summit Boulder

How Big Are Apple and Pear?

Elk Mountain Trail to Summit Block

So Where's the Trail?

Little Falls in Charon's Garden Wilderness

Apple and Pear in the Fog

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Viewing: 1-30 of 497