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Third Trango

Maserbrum as seen from Baltoro Glacier

Trango Nameless Tower (6239m), Karakoram, Pakistan

Gondogoro La, Pakistan

Mitre Peak & Chogoliza, Pakistan

Trango and Porter

K-2 Base Camp, Pakistan

Baltoro Peaks

Uli Biaho Tower(6109m)

Baltoro Cathedrals

Urdukas, Baltoto Glacier, 07 august 2005

A glacial lake and dark blue...

Muztagh Tower (7273m) in a...

One of the formations of...

Porters at the junction where...

The photo shows a massif a...

During the high season tons...

Trango & Payu Group Peaks Karakoram, Baltistan

Trango Nameless Tower

Trango Tower, Karakoram, Baltistan

Trango Towers group - The...

Trango Towers Group

Trango Towers, Karakoram, Pakistan


Paiju Peak 6670-M

Trango Towers Group, Karakoram, Baltistan

Uli Biaho Tower (6109m)

Great Trango Towers, Karakoram, Baltistan

Uli Biaho Towers Baltoro

Great Trango Towers, Karakoram, Pakistan

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