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Solitude on Mount Muir

Wotans Throne NW Ridge

Mt. Muir from Wotans Throne

The Chimney At Wotan's Throne

3/4 Up The South face Of Wotan's Throne

Sunrise on Mount Whitney

Trail Camp

camp alpenglow

Descending_Mt Whitney_Yunona is 5

About to get cold at Trail Camp...

Waiting for a New Day

Pinnacle Ridge in the clouds

Shot from 12000'

Striking a Pose on the Whitney Summit Trail

Whitney Upper Camp

Constitution Lake 11680 ft at Whitney Trail

To Mt Whitney Constitition Lake 11680 ft

Consultation Lake

Rockfall south of Iceberg Lake shelf

Thor Peak

Trail Crest 13,777'

Yunona (age 5) running from Mt Whitney summit

Yunona (5) dayhiking to Mt Whitney_July08

Almost to Iceberg

Mt. Whitney and Keeler Needle

Mount Muir is Ranked

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Muir from Iceberg Lake

View of Mount Muir from the...

Looking up at the rock face...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 10149