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Navajo Sandstone

Side canyon seen from the Colorado River, near Lee's Ferry, Lower Glen Canyon

Plants and Cross-bedding

After the Tight Section

Kayaking beneath a beautiful crack in the walls of Lower Glen Canyon

B&W Waterholes

Lees Ferry

Huge cliff at Horseshoe Bend, Lower Glen Canyon

Greg Silhouetted

Up Around The Bend

Beautiful, but Deadly

Horseshoe Bend

Sign at Navajo Bridge ...

The walls of Lower Glen Canyon reflected off the Colorado River

Made of Stone

I get Up ... I get Down ..

Peace Like a River

Long Distance Floaters

Return of the Condor

Nobody at the bridge

A Calm Paria River

Looking down into Glen Canyon from the top of the 4th class ramp, just next to the dam

Lake Powell

The South Side

Crevice Bush

Lake Powell Butte

Wahweep Marina Overlook

Water from Lake Powell seeping through the walls of Lower Glen Canyon, just beneath the dam

Antelop Canyon

Lake Powell seen from the air

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Viewing: 1-30 of 2653