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Linkins Lake

Above Linkins Lake

Linkins Lake

Linkins Lake

Linkins Lake From West Geisller Mt.

Rolling High Sawatch Plateau, above Linkins Lake

Indian Paintbrush

Looking S to Linkins Lk & Rte 82

Heading NE from Geissler SW to Geissler W

Grizzly Peak from Geissler Mt.

Hiking Geissler Mt slopes.

Between Geissler SW and Geissler W

Starting up Geissler W

Geissler SW viewed en route to Geissler W

Geissler Mountain from PT 13001

West Geissler Mountain

Saddle between East and West peaks.

Heading S from the top of Twining

Independence Lake in the...

Looking down the Lost Man...

Interesting “golf course”...

This is a photo of the entire...

Geissler East sports a autumn...

Geissler East (left) and...

Geissler Mountain from Point...

Geissler Mountain

Summit View

Sunshine Mountain

Geissler Mountain viewed from...

East Ridge

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