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Yucca, Mahogany, Pine

Southeast Ridge Route Map

Looking back down the southeast ridge

At the summit

Ascending the southeast ridge

Approaching the summit

Ascending the SE Ridge

Lonesome Summit Register

Misty mountain views

Rocky Summit Area

Summit Area of UN 9380

UN 9380 Getting There Map

UN 9830

Well-Aimed Elk Turds

Eastern summit from the approach

Looking northeast from a branch of the unnamed road

Northwest Slopes = Dense Timber

Route Map_UN10462

End of the Road

Dark clouds over the Lost Creek Wilderness

East toward the lower summit

Getting There Map

Looking east from the lower, eastern summit

The eastern summit of UN 10,462

UN 10462 from UN 9752

South Taryall Peak and Bayou Saldo Reservoir

Summit Jar, UN 10,462

Toward Pikes Peak from the eastern summit

Towards McCurdy Mountain from the eastern summit

Looking west toward the true summit

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21187