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John and Renata say "I do!"

BT Approaching Burntop Summit

BT Bison and McCurdy from Burntop

BT Burntop from FS 144

BT Charred Sentinel

BT East towards Pikes Peak from Burntop

BT Mountain overload from Burntop

"Burntop" from Baker Mountain

UN 11058 "Burntop" from Park County 77

Tarryall Creek

Views_Little Puma Summit

Little Puma Flanked by Farnum (L) and Puma Peak (R)

Little Puma_Foreground_and Puma from Farnum

Looking south from Farnum

Looking west from Farnum summit

Farnum outcrop from Little Puma

Sarah with Lady on Farnum

Views from Packer Gulch trailhead

UN 9895B from West-Southwest

Closeup of Gully - Route to UN 9895B

Farnum, Little Puma and Puma to Southeast

Gully from parking area

Getting There Map - UN 9895B

Looking northwest from the summit toward Eagle Rock & Observatory Rock

Puma Peak from UN 9895B

Rocky Summit Outcrop of UN 9895B

Route Map - UN 9895B

Southwest from the summit of UN 9895B

Fall colors

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21340