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View North from the summit

View of Mount Rose from the summit

Last push to the summit

View of the summit closer up

View of Slide Mountain

View of Mount Rose from Church's Pond

View from lower on the trail

View from Church's pond up to Mount Rose

Point 9201

Slide Mountain still snowy in early May

Chocolate Peak 9402 from the trail

View north from the summit of Point 8364

View back towards 8364 from the trail to Church's Pond

View of Point 8364 from the trail

Mount Rose and Chocolate Peak

View from the trail above the forest

View up the boulder field

View back down to the valley

Point 8364 and Church's Pond from Mount Rose

Chocolate Peak from the middle of the woods

View of the south side of the summit

Mount Rose and Church Peak

Heading towards Chocolate Peak

The route up Chocolate Peak

Chocolate Peak from below in the woods

Mount Rose and Church Peak

Church Peak from the ridge

Rad T.

Mount Rose wide view

Morning light shines on Mt...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 3411