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Across the summit to Silverheels

Area Map_Volz Benchmark

Loose Talus on Volz Benchmark

Lumpy UN 12,700

Volz Benchmark from parking

Volz Benchmark from the saddle

More loose talus

Selkirk Gulch Route

Volz Benchmark Summit Cairn

Boreas and Bald from Volz

Got My Back

Little Baldy from Volz BM Summit

Volz Benchmark, nearing the saddle

Volz Benchmark

Mount Silverheels from Selkirk Gulch

Old Ghost Tree, Selkirk Gulch

Selkirk Gulch Ghost Forest

Silverheels from the Volz Benchmark Summit

USGS Market, Volz Benchmark

My very own wolfpack

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A mountain goat on the...

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This photo shows the large...

Southern Slopes

Boreas Mountain from the...

Boreas Mountain from Boreas...

Boreas Mountain above Ken's...

The summit ridge of Boreas...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21327