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Late afternoon view of Rattlesnake from Reno

Rattlesnake Mountain from a distance

Rattlesnake Mountain from the urban jungle

Rattlesnake Mountain and surrounding mountains

Road to Nowhere Mountain backside

Horse at the summit

Horse on the hill

NW Route Map

Peak 6075

Real summit is the point to the left

Mount Rose from the summit

View from the summit to the colorful hills

View on the way down from 6075

View of Reno

The turn to the summit ridge

The route up the summit

Summit Ridge

View to the Northeast

2nd route - head up this hill

Remember your destination

The start of the climb up the summit ridge

Route #1

Cliffs below the true summit

Peak 6075 from the Lakeside Overlook

Sunset over Peak 6075

Route to the summit for Peak 6075

Looking back up the route to the gully

Looking up the gully

Descending the canyon at sunset

The descent route down the canyon

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Viewing: 1-30 of 3285