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Stones Peak from Sprague Pass

Stones Peak from "Stapps"

Stones Peak

Spruce Canyon from Sprague Pass

The Mummy Range from "Stapps"

Spruce Lake

Looking North from "Stapps"

Looking down Stapps's Ridge

Castle Rock from Spruce Lake

Notchtop Seen from Fern Lake

The summit of Stones Peak

Stones Peak at Sunrise

Stones Peak from Estes Cone

Stones, Sprague, and Hayden Spire

The Gable seen from Fern Lake

Morning light on Stones Peak

Mt. Ida Hike


Rocky Mountain NP - Loch Vale

Solo Ski, N.F. true east face of Notchtop, RMNP

Hayden Lake and Hayden Gorge,...

Hayden Spire from west, along...

Irene Lake and Rainbow Lake...

Overlooking Sprague Glacier....

Northwest view of Sprague Mt....

The Ridge from Stones Pk. to Sprague Mtn.

Sprague Glacier and Rainbow Lake

Sprague Mountain from Stones Peak

Hayden Spire from Sprague Mountain

Hayden Spire and Lonesome Lake

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Viewing: 1-30 of 15125