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Lake Catherine from above

Sunrise Peak from Catherine Lake near Brighton UT

storm clouds behind meadow

trail, trees, and storm clouds

Sunset Peak from Catherine bowl

view of Catherine Pass

Lake Mary below Tuscarora

trail to Catherine Pass

To Sunset peak over Alta UT 10400 ft

Pioneer Peak from the summit...

July 21, 2004 - Wildflowers...

July 21, 2004 - Sunset Peak...

July 21, 2004 - Pioneer Peak...

July 21, 2004 - Pioneer Peak...

north face of Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak from below

Tuscarora and Lake Martha

Catherine Pass near Alta UT

Sunset Peak hiding in the fog

Sunset Peak (left) in...

The Lakes from Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak and Lake...

Lake Catherine

Ground Squirrel?

Timpanogos and Devil's Castle

Mount Millicent

Fall colors

The saddle just west of the...

Sunset Peak summit view, WNW...

Sunset Pk

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Viewing: 1-30 of 7305