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View from about 3000 m/10000...

Aragats, south and west peak

Mt. Aragats as seen from the...

Ski touring on Mt. Aragats ...

Heading home after summiting...

Deon Louw tele-skiing on Mt....

The summit pyramide of the...

The routes up Mt. Aragats...

On the lower part of the...

On the route from Aparan:...

Lmbat VII Century Shrine, Armenia

Surp Astvatsatsin Church, 1201 A.D., Harich, Armenia

West Portal of Surb Gregor, 1220s, Harich, Armenia

The Leaning Chapel of Harich Monastery

Surb Gregor Church in Harichavank, VII-XIX centuries

Sardarapat Memorial, Armenia

Mont Ararat

Dzoraget Gorge, Lori, Armenia

Haghpat Belltower, 1245 A.D., Armenia

Khachkar Archeway, Haghpat Monastery, Armenia

Khachkar cross-stones in Haghpat, Armenia

Khan's Palace and Mosque, Yerevan

View at Kayan Berd Fortress (1233 AD)

Geghart (Holy Spear), 1215 A.D., Armenia

Odzun Shrine, V-VII Centuries, Armenia

Odzun V Century Basilica, Armenia

Geghart (Holy Spear), 1215 A.D., Armenia

Library courtyard in Haghpat (1265 AD)

Geghard (Holy Spear) Monastery, Armenia

Sea-buckthorn, Sevan Lake Basin, Armenia

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