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The south-east flank above Comba di Goletta.

Becca di Luetta or Tzaboc

Becca di Prè d'Amont


Grande Rousse

The bivouac Ravelli

The east flanf above Val di Rhemes.

The west flank above Valgrisenche.Seen from Monte Arp Vieille.

The west flank above Valgrisenche.Seen from Monte Rutor.

Routes from west side.

The Glacier of Invergnan.

The east view of the north summit.

Punta Pousset...

The snow slopes below the summit.

The summit of Grande Traversiere taken from Punta Bassac Sud.

The glacier south of Traversiere.

The Glacier of Invergnan

North-East side of Granta Parei

Becca di Giasson

west side

view from Becca della Traversiere

moraine valley

Bivacco Ravelli

La Grande Traversière

Grande Traversière

Il versante est della catena del Valeisan o Mont Freduaz

Il ghiacciaio di Mont Valeisan

Punta della Valletta e Testa Nera

Punta Tsanteleina (3601m)

Granta Parei and the glacier of Goletta.

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Viewing: 1-30 of 39935