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Punta di Leppe...

Emilius group and S-SE Ridge of Punta di Leppe seen from Punta di Laval

Punta di Leppe

S-SE ridge of Punta di Leppe

Punta di Leppe in the background

Punta di Leppe...

Punta di Lussert Southern Faces & Punta di Leppe 2004

Punta di Leppe & Punta di Lussert from Northwest 2005

P. di Lussert North Face from Les Laures Walloon 2005

Lussert & Surroundings from Laures Lower Lake 2014

P. di Lussert Southern Face from Corona Collar 2004

Punta di Lussert South Couloir into South Face 2004

Punta di Lussert from Emilius to Lussert & Leppe 1998

Punta di Lussert & Punta di Leppe North Slopes 2005

TRY failed, for storm, of Positioning the CROSS on Two JUNOD POINTs (3300m)

Punta di Lussert All Northern & Western Routes 1986

Punta di Lussert North Faces & Western Ridge 2005

Punta di Lussert From Laures Lower Loch or North 2005

33 From East Summit to Leppe & Roises Traverses 1974

Punta di Leppe North Face

Leppe &, Lussert Tops with Western Surroundigs 2014

On Leppe Summits Snowy Cow Boys of the Alps 1978

From Ilario Antonio Garzotto P.t to Leppe P.t Cross's Positioning

Leppe & Lussert Summits toward a new Dawn 2014

Lussert Summit At Down with more Good Weather 2014

Punta di Leppe & Punta di Lussert North Slopes 2005

P. Leppe & Lussert from Laures Dessous Lake 2005

Lussert & Surroundings Into the bad Weather 2014

33 ROUTES To M. Emilius / P. Tersiva Traverse 1971

Leppe Glacier

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