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Cima du lazzi

Cima di Iazzi .- south wall -...

from Monte Moro in winter -...

the Cima di Iazzi from...

Punta Grober

Cima di Iazzi

Cima di Jazzi from refuge...

.. north of Monte Rosa the...

Torre di Castelfranco

Cima di Iazzi

Cima Briochi (3635m) from Torre di Castelfranco (3629m), with Monte Rosa in the background

Monte Rosa east side

Mark scoping out future objectives from Torre di Castelfranco

Mark on Torre di Castelfranco, looking at Monte Rosa

Cima de Jazzi (3803m) from Torre di Castelfranco

Looking down on the clouds in Italy from the saddle between Cima Briochi and Torre di Castelfranco


Torre di Castelfranco from Cima Briochi

Cima Briochi

Climbing Cima Briochi, with Grosses Fillarhorn in the background

Monte Rosa east side



Cima di Jazzi, with Torre di Castelfranco in front

Wide Walliser Alps panorama

Gran Fillar

Walliser Alpen panorama from the upper Gorner Glacier

Cima Brioschi (3635m)

Panorama of Cima Brioschi, Grosses Fillarhorn, Jägerhorn and the slopes of Nordend

Jägerhorn and the slopes of Nordend

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Viewing: 1-30 of 39927