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Fading into dark

Punta de Gasperi

The east side of Moiazza seen in the sunrise from biv.Grisetti.

The south flank of the southern summit seen from Forcella delle Masenade.

Moiazza seen from Passo Duran.

The Moiazza group seen from Civetta.

The biv. Grisetti and the Moiazza sud in the background.

The biv. Grisetti and the Cima delle Sasse in the background.

Moiazza sud seen from Forcella delle Masenade.

The summit of Moiazza sud and its west wall.

From Cresta delle Masenade,looking down the south flank.

Cresta delle Masenade and the omonimous "Forcella".

The summit of Moiazza sud.

The west side of Moiazza seen from Monte Civetta.

The Forcella delle Sasse and Cima della Moiazzetta della Grava on the right.

Civetta, the hanging glacier at sunset

First wall

First chimney

First chimney

Impressive section

Middle section

Stairway to heaven

The final of ferrata Alleghesi

Reaching the summit of Civetta

Summit of Civetta (3,220m)

Crossing under Pta.Civetta

Climbing to Pta.Civetta

Approaching to Pta.Civetta

Rose of Triglav in Civetta

Forcella Pta.Civetta

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Viewing: 1-30 of 29994