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Breslauer Hut Winter Room

Breslauer Hut Winter Room

By the Rotenkar river

Breslauer Hütte terrasse

Approaching Breslauer hut from Vent

The avalanche field below Breslauer hut

Breslauer hut winter room kitchen

Breslauer hut winter room ground floor beds

Breslauer hut winter room

Sunrise at Breslauer hut

Descending to Vent under the clouds

Ventertal under the clouds

Signals in Breslauer Hutte

Breslauer Hütte

DAV Sektion Breslau

Breslauer Hut

Breslauer Hütte

Talleitspitze (3408m) dominating the northern end of the Kreuzkamm

Schalfkogel (3540m)

Zooming in on Schalfkogel

Großer Ramolkogel (3550m), hiding in the clouds

As clouds are rising up from the valley, the Schalfkogel is still catching the late sun

Großer Ramolkogel from the Breslauer Hütte

The Kreuzkamm from close to the Breslauer Hütte

Breslauer Hütte

Early morning in the Ötztal Alps

Urkundkolm and Ötztaler Urkund

Alpine Scenery

Gipfel . 06


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Viewing: 1-30 of 26403