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Camp Schurman

Schurman Rangers' Cabin Interior

Camp Schurman Plaque

Big Dipper from Camp Schurman

Camp Schurman Ranger's Cabin


Sunrise at Camp Schurman

Little Tahoma

Steamboat Prowl

Ascending to the Emmons Flats

Looking up at summit from camp Sherman

Camp Schurman

Sunrise at Camp Schurman, on the Emmons-Winthrop Glacier route up Mt. Rainier

Gusting Winds At Camp Schurman

Ratballs at Emmons Flats on Mount Rainier

Route to Schurman and Summit

Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Rainier

Little Tahoma from Camp Curtis

Looking at the Summit Of Rainier

Friends ahead of me climbing

Sunrise on the Emmons Glacier

Looking down from on Steamboat Prowl

Little T and Rainier from Camp Curtis

Big Crevasse on Winthrop

bivouac site below Camp Curtis

Ascending the Inter Glacier

Sunrise on Rainier

Below Kautz Chute

Sunrise on the Winthrop Glacier

Sunrise from Rainier

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Viewing: 1-30 of 13375