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Autumn view from the Pillstein

View to the Berchtesgaden Alps

Larches along the Zwölferhorn-Pillstein trail

At Rosshütte between Zwölferhorn and Pillstein

View in autumn over the Wolfgangsee lake from just below Zwölferhorn

Autumn colors in the Osterhorn group

View from Zwölferhorn over the Wolfgangsee lake and the Osterhorn group

Hoher Göll and Watzmann seen from Zwölferhorn

The Berchtesgaden Alps and the Osterhorn mountains seen from Zwölferhorn

Autumn view from the summit of Zwölferhorn

Spider kills a fly

Old World Swallowtail butterfly seated on a rock

Old World swallowtail

Winter view from the summit of Zwölferhorn.

On the top of Zwölferhorn in autumn

View over the Osterhorn range to Hochkönig (2941m)

March winter in the Osterhorn mountains

Hoher Göll and Watzmann seen from Zwölferhorn

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Wolfgangsee and Schafberg (1782m)

Chopin + Mountain lakes

The Wolfgangsee in it's autumn glory

Early morning fog over the Wolfgangsee lake

View across the Wolfgangsee lake to the Drachenwand ("Dragon's Wall")

Schafberg (1782m) and Drachenwand ("dragon's wall")

Hoher Zinken, 1764m

Dachstein 2.995m


Gennerhorn, 1.735m

Osterhorn, 1.746m

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Viewing: 1-30 of 18146