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Stoney Indian Peaks traverse -- south section

Peak 8541 and Wahcheechee Mountain

The view south from the traverse

Is this it?

Wahcheechee Mtn

The View

Stoney Indian Lake from Stoney Indian Pass

Stoney Indian Lake from the notch

Stoney Indian Lake

Stoney Indian Lake

Stoney Indian Peaks Traverse

The morning after

My partners on the Stoney Indian Peaks traverse

A big horn ram temporarily blocks our descent

Self Portrait/Mosaic

Stoney and Cleveland

Mokowanis Lake Route Diagram - Mount Merritt

Pyramid Peak, dawn

view from Glenns Lake (Head)

camp at Glenns Lake

view back to Mokowanis Lake

off-trail from Mokowanis Lake

Margaret Lake

sun rising over the northeast ridge

Margaret Lake

Mt. Cleveland summit celebration

Waterton Lake from the Cleveland summit

Mount Cleveland North Face

Our boat and the Prince of Wales Hotel

On the traverse

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Viewing: 1-30 of 2590