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Overlooking the Rift


Typical road and scenery


Distant Geysers

Ingolfsfjall, East Route

Flat Top of Ingolfsfjall

Moss Campion atop Ingolfsfjall

Sog and Hvita

Rockfalls merging, Ingolfsfjall

Olfusa from Ingolfsfjall

Top of Ingolfsfjall East Chute, Looking Down

Electric Fence and Gate from Ingolfsfjall Summit

Ingolfsfjall Summit Marker

Flattop Route after Eastern Chute, Ingolfsfjall

Route up the East Chute of Ingolfsfjall

East Chute, Ingolfsfjall

Hvita Valley from Ingolfsfjall Chute

Alviðra Farm (Trailhead)

Starting the Descent on Ingolfsfjall

Kerith Explosion Crater

Gullfoss Rainbow


Hveragerði camp site

Rock pillar on the slopes of Álútur

Hengill (805m) from the southeast

Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris)

Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris) close-up



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