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For all those digital photographers who spend time on web sites or with magazines obsessing about the trade off between features and pocketability, Sony is introducing the Cyber-shot DSC-V1 digital still camera.

Barely larger than a deck and a half of cards, the Cyber-shot V1 camera offers a 5-megapixel imager and a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens with 4x optical zoom sharpness and color accuracy. It will also feature a hot shoe and accessory terminal. Plus, there are several Sony-only features, including a rechargeable Infolithium battery system, with to-the-minute awareness of remaining battery life, along with Nightshot and NightFraming features for taking crisp pictures in no or low-light conditions.

This model was built for a special class of photographer who wants ultimate control over the picture-taking process, but who also wants the option to call upon automatic features to help balance light and exposure. Among the features that will appeal to the purist are:

  • Manual Exposure Controls: Flexible exposure control is provided with aperture priority, shutter priority and manual exposure modes for better command over motion and depth of field.
  • Program-Shift Dial: Situated next to the LCD for easy access, this dial allows the user to select from a range of available combinations of aperture and shutter settings for control over motion and depth of field while remaining in an automatic exposure mode.
  • Five-area Multi-Point Auto Focus: The camera evaluates five separate areas of the frame and intelligently focuses on the subject, displaying the selected focus point, or the user can choose any of the five points for manual control.
  • Hologram AF Illuminator: Projects a laser pattern on the subject to create contrast for precise focus, even in low or no light.
  • Multi-Pattern Measuring: Independently meters the light in 49 points of the frame to establish the optimum exposure, even when highlight and shadow aren't centered in the frame.
  • Auto Fill Flash: When the subject is backlit or in shadow, the fill flash automatically fires to provide optimum exposure.
  • NightShot Infrared System: Captures infrared images in total darkness at a distance of up to 15 feet.
  • NightFraming System: To capture crisp images in low or no light, this feature illuminates the subject with the NightShot system for proper framing, focuses with Hologram AF illuminator and lights the scene with the appropriate amount of flash.
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    D Smith - Apr 20, 2004 9:41 am - Voted 5/5

    Untitled Review
    This is my first digital camera, and I am very happy with my purchase. This camera is packed with features, very easy to use, and is extremely compact for a 5 Megapixel model with 4x optical zoom -- it fits easily into the chest pocket of my jacket.

    My only complaints are minor: First, to save weight, Sony went with a lower capacity (proprietary = high price) InfoLithium battery. This means that battery life is pretty short compared to comparable cameras. I recommend getting extra battery for long trips without access to a power source. Second, the position of the pop-up flash is a little awkward..requires some getting used to holding the camera as not to prevent it from coming up.

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