Easyshare LS753 Zoom Digital Camera


Easyshare LS753 Zoom Digital Camera
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Product Description

The KODAK EASYSHARE LS753 Zoom Digital Camera sure turns heads.
Because with features like a compact design, professional-quality
lens, and 5.0 MP, you have got one deluxe camera. And some really
awe-inspiring pictures.

5.0 MP for stunning prints up to 20"x30" (50x75 cm)
Dazzling, sleek and compact, but loaded with creative options
1.8" high-resolution indoor/outdoor display
Sharing is one-touch simple
KODAK Color Science Chip

With every shot, you will be captivated by the impeccable detail and
sharpness provided courtesy of the LS753's pro-quality lens.
- Precision-crafted 2.8X optical zoom lens lets you get as close as you
- 3.6X advanced digital zoom
- Witness amazing clarity, brilliance and color from edge-to-edge.
- Multi-zone auto focus for incredible sharpness, no matter where your
subject is in the frame.

* 5.0 MP for stunning prints up to 20"x30"
Big, beautiful pictures in amazing color and stunning detail.
- 5.0 MP means you can print from 4"x6" (10x15 cm) to 20"x30" (50x75 cm)
and everything in-between.
- KODAK Color Science inside delivers consistently vivid colors and
exceptional sharpness.

* Dazzling, sleek and compact, but loaded with creative options
The LS753 is as versatile as it is stylish and sleek. Use the programmed
scene modes to keep it simple or explore new possibilities with creative
settings. Either way, you will always get the quality shot you want.
- Nineteen automatic scene modes
New modes for challenging subject matter -- Children, snow, beach,
party, backlight, flower, fireworks, museum/manner.
Night mode -- ideal for night scenes or low light situations
Sport mode -- captures the action without blurring
Landscape mode -- ensures maximum sharpness for distant scenes
Close-up mode -- capture sharp, full-frame images as close as 2"
Burst mode -- capture up to six pictures in rapid-fire succession
Color mode -- color, black and white, sepia
- Creative settings
White balance -- automatic, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
Exposure compensation (+/- 2.0, in 0.5 EV step increments)
ISO equivalents -- automatic (80~160) and selectable (80, 100, 200,
400, 800).
Long time exposure settings -- 0.5~16 seconds
- Capture life in motion with continuous video and audio
Continuous digital MPEG-4 video with audio capture, playback on camera.
TV-quality video (VGA: 640x480 pixels) catches action with style.
Video cables for easy hook-up right to your TV
QuickTime video format allows universal sharing

* 1.8" high-resolution indoor/outdoor display for brightness and clarity
- Large screen allows for easy viewing, even in direct sunlight.
- View your pictures right-side-up with auto picture rotation.
- On-camera picture collection to share your pictures anytime, anywhere.

* Sharing is one-touch simple. Presenting your images to the world is
one-button simple. Just press Share.
- The LS753 is compatible with the KODAK EASYSHARE System. Use the on-
camera Share button while shooting to tag images for immediate printing
or emailing when you dock.
- Just set your camera in an EASYSHARE Dock to charge the battery and
easily transfer, email or print your photos. KODAK EASYSHARE Software
is included! It is intuitive, powerful and extremely user-friendly --
the simplest way to print and share!
- Camera Dock 6000
Transfer button instantly uploads pictures
Charges high-capacity lithium-ion battery in three hours or less
USB connection (USB 2.0 compatible)
- Printer Dock 6000
Transfers pictures and charges battery just like Camera Dock 6000
Plus prints real KODAK borderless 4"x6" (10x15 cm) prints
Print with or without a computer

* KODAK Color Science Chip
The KODAK Color Science Image Processing Chip, at the heart of the 5.0
MP KODAK EASYSHARE LS753 Camera, combines the power of a high-
performance digital signal processor with color and image science based
on more than 75 years of Kodak research into color and the way we
perceive it. With each press of the shutter, the camera quickly and
precisely analyzes lighting conditions and color to consistently deliver
high color accuracy, sharpness and proper exposure.

CCD Resolution : 5.36 MP (2690 x 1994 pixels)
Image Resolution : 5.0 MP (2569 x 1929 pixels)
Image Quality : 4.9 MP - best (print, enlargement)
4.4 MP - best (optimized ratio for 4"x6" prints;3:2)
3.1 MP - better (small prints)
1.6 MP - good (email)
Zoom : 10X total zoom
2.8X optical zoom, 6.0~16.6 mm (35 mm equivalent: 36~100 mm)
3.6X advanced digital zoom
Focus/Auto-Focus : Low-light auto focus with selectable modes: multi-
zone, center-zone.
Focus Distance : Wide- 60 cm (23.6 in.) to infinity
Tele- 60 cm (23.6 in.) to infinity
Display : 1.8 in. (4.6 cm) high-resolution (134K pixel)
indoor/outdoor display.
Viewfinder : Real image optical viewfinder
Aperture : f/3.0 or f/5.1 (wide), f/4.9 or f/8.5 (tele)
Shutter Speed : 1/2~1/1,400 seconds
Long Time Exposure : 1/2~16 seconds
ISO Equivalent : Automatic (80~160); manual (80, 100, 200, 400, 800)
White Balance : Auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent
Flash Mode : Auto, red-eye, fill, off
Flash Range : Wide - 2.0 ~ 10.0 ft. at ISO 140
Tele - 2.0 ~ 5.9 ft. at ISO 140
Self-Timer : 10 seconds

Scene/Other Modes : Auto, portrait, close-up, self-portrait,
museum/manner, night landscape, night portrait,
sport, landscape, snow, beach, party, fireworks,
backlight, children, and flower.
Macro/Close-up Mode : Wide - 2.0 ~ 39.4 in.
Tele - 11.8 ~ 39.4 in.
Burst Mode : 3 fps, up to 4 pictures
Color Mode : Color, black and white, sepia
Light Metering Method: Automatic - TTL-AE
Selectable- multi-pattern, center-weighted, center spot.
Exposure Compensation: +/- 2.0 EV in 0.5 step increments
Exposure Control : programmed AE
Click to Capture : 0.7 seconds (wide, preview on)
0.8 seconds (wide, preview off)
Shot to Shot : 1.6 seconds
Movie Mode : Continuous digital MPEG-4 video with audio capture, playback on camera.
Movie Image Resolution: VGA (640x480 pixels) at 13 fps
QVGA (320x240 pixels) at 20 fps
Movie Length : Limited by capacity of external memory card
Sound : Selectable sound themes: off, shutter only, standard, classical, SciFi, fun.

Auto-Orientation : Auto picture rotation
Dedicated Buttons: power, delete, menu, review, Share, flash/information
Review Mode : up to 8X magnify, slide show, multi-up, fast scroll,
protect, album.
Video Out : NTSC, PAL (user-selectable)
Software : KODAK EASYSHARE Software
Compatibility : Dock compatability - KODAK EASYSHARE Camera and
Printer Docks 6000.

Storage : Internal- 32 MB internal memory
External- SD/MMC card expansion slot
Power Options : KODAK Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery KLIC 5000,
DC-in jack on side of camera for 5V adapater, via the
KODAK EASYSHARE Dock 6000 Terminals.
Image File Format: Still- JPEG/EXIF v2.2
Video- Quicktime MOV
Interface : USB compliant, KODAK EASYSHARE 6000 series docks,
audio/video connectors.
Lens Protection : Built-in lens barrier
Tripod Mount : 1/4 in. standard
OPTIONS - PD6000 EasyShare Camera Dock
1064062 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery - 1700mAH
8237448 EasyShare Printer Dock 6000
8312548 Li-Ion Rapid Battery Charger Kit

REQUIRES - PC : 233 MHz processor or greater
200MB hard drive disk space available
CD-ROM drive
Available USB port
Color monitor, 800x600 pixels (16-bit or 24-bit
WINDOWS 98, 98SE, 2000, ME or XP OS
Mac: PowerPC based MACINTOSH Computer
128MB RAM for OS X (64MB RAM for OS 8.6/9.x)
200MB hard disk space available
CD-ROM drive
Built-in USB port
Color monitor, 800x600 pixels (thousands or millions of
colors recommended).
MACINTOSH OS X (0S 8.6/9.x - Share button functions not
supported - OS X is recommended for full functionality).
POWER- KODAK EASYSHARE Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger included.
SIZE - 4.3"w x 1.9"h x 1.2"d WT.- 5.8 ounces w/o batteries

User Description

Having hauled this camera around for several years now, it is a hardy, digital camera that has performed without a blink. Dropping it has proven it's durability or my clumsiness, take your pick. The battery life is great even in the cold. Recharging with the dock or the separate charger is quick. No waiting around overnight to start shooting again. The quick shooting and action of the camera is very different from it's competitors even other Kodak camera's. The picture is taken almost instantly after pressing the button, so often there is a delay with some cameras, not this one.



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