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The base of the skin is formed by a mixed fabric composed of mohair and nylon. The mixed veil is lyiing according to a particular process, and offers a good glide characteristics, unique climbing performance and durability. By a careful maintenance of the self-adhesive skins, the characteristics of the Coll-Tex adhesive guarantee to the user an excellent adherence even in low temperatures and changeable snow conditions during a tour. In severe cold before their assembly, put the adhesive skins under the jacket for a few minutes to warm them by the heat of the body. In the presence of extreme conditions and before assembly of the skin, please ensure that the ski coating is completely clean and free from snow crystals.

Classic skin: (1) Attach the standard skin classic with the top buckle on the top of the ski and (2) cut the adhesive skin at least 5 cm from the tail of the ski.

Combi skin: (1) Attach skins in the rear and pull them through the rubber tip so that the tips (2) overlap by approx. 5 cm. Cut off excessive lenght and attach the skin on the top of the ski. With a mounted skin, the rubber tip must not be under tension.

The prices are those in Spain.


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Diego Sahagún - Dec 21, 2002 3:19 pm - Voted 4/5

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Correct skins but not as sticky as Coll-Tex 100 % nylon as I've been told, Coll-Tex Extreme, Original and Special (all 100 % mohair) are less sticky but they're faster, eventhought they have less duration. Coll-Tex Mix are better than other skins as Pomoca, people say that these skins don't let you descend when there is a short descent during the tours. Coll-Tex Mix stick well to the snow on steep slopes, the angle (when ascending parallel to the maximum incline line) depends on the condition of the snow and the length of the ski rises principally. A fault is that they stick really bad when they're cold, in that case you can use powerful adhesive tape, not necessarily the one of Coll-Tex. Also the final portion of the Classic skin becomes detached easily when there are large areas of hard snow or ice.

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