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Klättermusen Njal Anorak - Clean minimalistic protection.


• Differentially cut sleeves for extra wrist protection and comfort.

• The new hood design, features stretch cloth for your forehead and a lined draw cord.

• Fits like a cap.

• Compass and whistle inside pocket.

• Pocket transforms into a fanny pack.

• Pockets feature shower and wind proof zippers with stretch net inside that increases ventilation.

• The offset showerproof zipper increases water resistance as penetrating water will be caught on the underlying flap and channelled out of the anorak.

• Special cut gives greater flexibility and fewer seams.


Price: 2901sek/USD$400

Material: Etaproof 205 gr/m2, 100% cotton

Colors: True red, Charcoal, Earth

Weight: 624 gr

Mass Flow Resistence: MFR 8, 105 Pa cm/s

Water Colum: 0,75 m

The Njal Anorak is a clean design with many interesting features. It moves moisture extremely well thanks to the combined MFR and diffusion properties. This is a shell you will always want handy.

The Njal anorak folds into its own pocket to form a convenient fanny pack. The hood is designed like a cap.

Area of use: All outdoor activities were you need fast accessible protection. You will soon come to love the comfort of this garment so much that it will be your favourite for most circumstances.

The naked truth: With time the colours will bleed a little and your garment will show the typical cotton patina. Etaproof is so densely woven that it absorbs extremely little water and thus dries very fast. Durability is low compared to polyamide and polyester, a fact that has been considered in the design. This is not a waterproof garment (seams are not taped). But it will stand up to 3-4 hours of heavy rain.

Name origin: A character from the medieval Iceland saga “The story of burnt Njal”.


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Corax - Apr 2, 2005 7:51 pm - Voted 5/5

Interesting stuff
I really like this jacket!

On high altitude, especially when cold, membrane jackets doesn't work very well and you for sure don't need the need the "super-duper-water-proof-tex" as precipitation comes down in solid form.

The fabric in Njal is eta-proof, a tightly vowen cotton textile. It is very windproof, lets out your sweat well and withstand rain pretty good, at least for a couple of hours.

I like the design. An excellent hood, extremely large pockets and the cut let you make all those weird climbing moves without being restricted by the jacket.

The material is smooth, light and soft and doesn't make the normal shell-jacket sounds.

On the minus side;

the fabric is not as strong as the one in a normal membrane jacket.

It is an Anorak model and I find it a bit annoing to pull the jacket over my head sometimes, but that's a very personal opinon and I could've choosen the other model Einride which is a normal jacket model.

If you're sick of sweating too much in a membrane jacket and want to try out another approach, this jacket may be worth checking out.

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