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Object Title: Rocker

Manufacturer: Yates

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Page By: John

Created/Edited: Mar 31, 2003 / Mar 31, 2003

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Based on the Russian basic ascender design, this versatile piece has a dual-action cam that allows rope to slide dynamically in loads under 3-4 kN at which time it will lock up and act as a brake. It is ideal for use as a fixed line brake while solo top roping, and can also be used as a haul system brake or basic ascender.

The Rocker complies with EN353-2, EN358 and EN795. The compliance of EN795 is as a shock absorbing anchor within a horizontal safety line system.

The Rocker was also dynamically tested for a 200kg weight for rope technicians using it as a back-up safety device in rescue. All tests were carried out with low stretch ropes of 10.5mm to 12.7mm dia. from one manufacturer. Physical conditions (i.e. wet, ice, dry) and ropes of different plaits will give differing results.

The Rocker is marketed by Yates Gear in the US and Troll in the UK.

It can he used in the following ways:

a. Safety fall arrest EN353-2.

b. Work positioning EN358.

c. Horizontal safety line EN795.

d. Rescue safety back up EN353-2.

e. Pulley brake

f. Ascender

g. Belay brake

h. Average static load 3,5kN

i. Max dynamic impact 5.9kN

j. Static Strength 15kN 3min

k. Max impact 200kg load 5.7kN


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JohnUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

I originally got this for solo top roping since this is supposedly one of the best devices out there for this but attempted to use it first as a basic ascender on Rainier in March. Here's a tip - don't use this in cold conditions! There seems to be a few flaws with this device in cold temperatures:
  • Snow can get between the plates and movable lever/fixed anvil freezing the top plate in place so you can't attach/remove the device.
  • The lever which is supposed to float and lock the rope also freezes making it ineffective in grabbing the rope. Sometimes you can use some force to push it around but the thin wire "spring" doesn't engage and one gets the feeling that the wire will break if you stress it too much in cold conditions.
Not sure if the similar Ushba basic ascender has the same problems but I'm interested in finding out. Next time I head up in cold conditions, I'm bringing my Petzl B17 or Wild Country Ropeman II.

PS: $90 is the retail price in the US but if you don't mind ordering from the UK (www.troll-climbing.com), you can get it for £41.28 (about $65) not including shipping.
Posted Mar 31, 2003 10:19 pm

tommiUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

Very easy to handle, a good piece, we use it for 2 years in professional use for positioning, ascent on a rope, and bor belay.
Posted Jan 28, 2007 7:27 am

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