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(from REI website):

With a sporty design built to withstand harsh environments and provide extra range--up to 5 miles--this two-way radio is perfect for outdoor sports.

Includes two T5950 two-way radios, two NiCd rechargeable battery packs and a two-port desktop charger

Radios provide 1 watt of power on their GMRS channels, enabling communications at a range of up to 5 miles

Choose from seven FRS 1/2-watt channels , seven GMRS/FRS 1-watt channels and eight GMRS 1-watt channels

Each channel has 99 interference eliminator codes for interruption-free communication

Receives NOAA weather channels, offering coverage of all government-operated NOAA weather broadcasts, plus NOAA All Hazard Alert Radio

Power is automatically stepped down to a half-watt across FRS-only channels (2-mile range), enabling radios to talk to all existing FRS two-way radios

VibraCall® alert is perfect in hushed or noisy places--vibrates to let you know someone is calling

Ten audible call tones grab the attention of your family and friends before you start speaking; talk-confirmation tone signals you've finished talking

LCD backlit display makes the radio easier to read in dark conditions

Keypad lock prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed

Voice activation(VOX) lets you talk hands-free when used with or without optional accessories

Audible tone and visual display alert you when batteries are running down; Time Out timer automatically turns off radio

Includes quick-release swivel belt-clips

Each radio operates on three AA batteries (sold separately)


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rpc - Nov 18, 2003 4:38 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
These seem to have been made with climbing in mind. Had our radios now for about 6 months and in that time both of the units took terrible falls. First one unit went bouncing down from top of pitch two of The Grack, Center in Yosemite (300 feet down a slab) then the other unit went bouncing down from top of the first pitch of SE Route on Beacon Rock in Columbia Gorge. Amazingly enough both still work though will not be winning any beauty contests as the buttons are missing. One weakness (that has led us to discover their amazing fall survival ability) is the crappy attachment clip.

Erik Beeler - Nov 18, 2003 7:30 pm - Voted 2/5

Untitled Review
At first I like the radios. They sounded ok and worked even w/o line of site. They got used on long climbs and we found out the clips were not too strong with one getting broke but it avoided a 600 foot fall with a quick grab. A few months after I bought them sound quality went to crap. Car to car we would have hold the radio up to our ears with the volume all the way up, even with new batteries in both. Finally I brought them back. I had a cheap set of $49 Cobras that lasted longer.

I still need to find some radios that work reliably.

vertx - Nov 19, 2003 4:37 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I have had excellent luck with the quality of the units themselve. I like all the sub-channels you can go to. This really helps if you use it on a ski slope or other busy area.

I have experienced no reduction in the reception quality. Wind, snow, rain, distance seems to have no effect. They seem to be pretty easy on bateries as well. Long lasting is a good quality when it is -10F alpine climbing and you don't want to take your gloves off to change the batteries!

Like everyone else has stated, the clips are the weak point. I have 4 of these and not one clip left. Everyone of them has busted by just removing them from whatever they were clipped to.

grandwazoo - Dec 10, 2003 9:49 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Haven't had any problems with them at all *except the clips". I use these from skiing, climbing, kids on the waverunners, etc. The only issue I have is that they aren't water proof. I picked the pair up for $60 at a Sams club sometime ago.

Chucky - Dec 28, 2003 10:27 am - Voted 2/5

Untitled Review
We bought these due to the twin charger unit and extra power of GMRSin order to keep tabs on our kids riding bikes in the neighborhood. We initially planned to save a good amount of money on batteries but overall, found the regular alkaline battery versions significantly more reliable. First, since these are rechargeable only, they are not good for quality mountaineering when you expect to be gone more than a single day because there is no place to recharge the batteries on the mountain. Second, althogh they are great for keeping tabs on your kids in the neighborhood we have not found the distance even close to our expectations. My wife still gives me grief for getting these to replace the old battery versions. They are NOT useless, as with some prior planning they may make a difference but in my opinion, Motorola "sold their reputation" when they released these versions.

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